Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Pretty Monday

It's Monday, ya'll.

But I am still thinking about my weekend.

This past weekend in the ATL was simply gorrrrrggeeeeous!

I do believe that it was beautiful all over the world this weekend.

And if it was looking janky in your neighborhood, then you need to pack your bags and MOVE today!


I have no real breakdown of the weekend today. It was what it was: peaceful and quiet, just like I like it, filled with all the things I like to do: reading, writing, crocheting, walking, cooking, relaxing and all kinds of other things.

I love flowers and the ones out in front of my brick steps are in full bloom.

These are cool flowers, but they bloom to early. So I better enjoy them while they are in full bloom.

I love fresh cut flowers. I bought these nice tulips for the living room coffee table.

I try to eat something new and healthy a couple of times a month. Last night I had something absolutely fantastic!

A pizza topped with spinach, broccoli, red/green/yellow bell peppers, onions mushrooms, fire roasted tomatoes, and mozarella cheese. Yeah, yeah, I've had pizza before, but I've tried to make a good whole wheat crust, and uh, let's just say, it's not going down.

But while skipping through the vegan store on Saturday, I came across a pretty interesting pizza crust: Rustic Crust Six Grain Old World Pizza Crust. Very good, with just the right amount of chewiness and crunchiness. It's low calorie, low fat, holds up well to sauces and veggies... and best of all, it doesn't leave me with a bad case of the itis...

Let's just say, an Oldgirl won't be attempting to hook up any more homemade pizza crusts! lol

I've been waking up every morning to something wonderful:

Seeing that every morning for the past few days has felt really good. I mean, REALLY good. Over the past couple of months, it has been full of numbers, but it felt good to put the april financial debt up on the wall. I think I'm going to throw a couple of goals on there, but for now, I like opening my eyes and seeing a fat "0". We're going to leave it as it all month.

I've been a bit perplexed about my finances. More angry than anything, because my property taxes went up by 40%, which throws my escrow into a tailspin. So this debt-free-minus-the house has been a good thing. It's a springboard for a more positive attitude about my money.

I am also happy to say that after I showed up at my Grandma's house and gave her a good talking to, she is finally using her debit card again.

(I think me saying "Now look here! I'm tryna sow some seed your way! If you ain't gonna use the money, I can put it to good use elsewhere" kinda shook her up.)

So my finances are on my mind right now. No, I'm not having trouble, but I am looking to reorganize some habits.

Let me restate that: I am looking for the courage to reorganize some habits.

And this is one of the areas that I have had to ask God to orchestrate my prayers, because I am a stone cold trip.

Meaning I want to go buy a Lexus.

Or go jump my tail on a plane and lay out on some island somewhere.

With that said, I've established a small goal. A reading and evaluation goal. I'll talk about that tomorrow.

And there is some big finance conference at church later this week. I will make it to that at least two evenings this week (in person or on the net. I prefer in person). I go to one of the big ATL megas, but interestingly, my pastor rarely talks about money (not sure why the naysayers keep hollering about this, because over the past 9 years, I just don't see it), so it's one of those things where you better catch it where you can.

I've gotten interesting ideas from such meetings over the years. I have a couple of personal financial goals that I need to see shape up.

Again this feels good.

I want to keep it that way.

And I need to keep it that way.

Well that's it for now. I am looking forward to a great week, as I was a bit dejected last week.

I will be going in late today. (Shame on me!) Whatever. It is what it is. I have things to do around the house this morning. And I have more work leave time than I know what to do with these days.

Ya'll can look forward to some interesting posts this week. More food-for-thought type stuff (don't hold me to that!). We will see. I am SO behind on posts that I don't know what to do.

Life is a bit TOO full. (Is there such a thang???) LOL

Ya'll make it a great week... ON PURPOSE.


  1. Good Morning!

    You always keep me laughin' and its a hobby of mine --so I visit your blog as often as I can.

    Debt Free... Cool :) -- What mega do you attend in the ATL if you don't mind saying -- or you can email me :)

    Have a great week!

  2. jennifer10:23:00 AM

    debt-free Lee! debt-free Lee!

  3. @Cyncere...

    Girl, You know how people feel about mega churches. You tryna get me dropped off of blog rolls and cussed out and beat down and everything else, ain't cha?

    *Lee shakes fist at Cyncere*

    As you know, there are only 2 in the city. I attend the one furthest from you. I was thinking about writing about my experience there over the last nine years, though. (Just to see something positive cuz I have NO idea about the stuff I be reading.) I'll do that if YOU give me the go ahead to do so. Your call, babes!

    And weren't u considering showing up at a finance meeting? You should come to a Triple F Posse meeting. It is NOT touchy-feely (we both feel the same way about that), just your fellow book club sistas discussing money isshas. They've been helpful, and they deal with my stank attitude pretty well, lol. Kat is due to pay off EVERYTHING including that mansion of hers next year. I aspire to be like her! (And I also make cookies! GLORY! lol).

  4. @Jennifer...

    *lee picks up pom-poms and shakes them VIGOROUSLY*

    Debt-free LEE!!!
    Debt-free LEE!!!

    lol... you've given me a new name, my dear... and it is slowly growing on me.

  5. @ Lee -- Yep, Yep, Yep--I do know folks...AND you do know me...and I know that TGEB reads I will not committ to attendance yet --but I read all of the emails--and sometimes I get the urge to comment--but I stop short --(kudos to you TGEB for keepin' the fire burnin') the weekends are so precious to me and as a part of me keepin' my stuff in line -- we only drive one car and I don't like to beg for rides -- at all :)

    Gee-- I thought that were many megas in the I'm stomped!

  6. That big fat zero looks good on you girl! Real good, indeed.

  7. Not that I'm hating, but did ya' have to put it on here twice?

    Rubbin it in are we?


    It's working.

    Oh, and the wife just got 'reeled in' to one of the megas here... Interesting her comments are.

  8. @Cyncere... You get all them doggone emails that the Green eyed bandit be sending!? I need to answer those. Haven't in a grip!

    Well if you ever need a ride, holler at your girl. I don't mind.

    But this is track season right now. Hey, I want to try to attend one of the babies' track meets. (How do ya'll do that cross country thang- do I stand on the side of the road and holler as the man-child runs by? lol). Let me know what the schedule looks like, been a while since I've been to one.

    Well, technically you are right: any church over 2500 members is considered mega.

    So think of the one that has 30,000 members. And around 5000 members at the New York location. And you're in bizness. If you don't know from that, well... your world might need a little changing.


    @Chele... Thanks Oldgirl! I like that big fat "0" too, honey!!

  9. I love your flowers. This weekend in Vegas wasn't nearly as nice as it should have been...we can thank the damn WIND for that. But the temperature was nice, tho.

    As for that big fat ZERO you have under "April debt", that's awesome!!

  10. Lee and Cyncere are cracking me up! Well, I do read and lately been posting right here!

    Lee I am so proud of you! I have not checked email today yet but if you have not answered the online questions, then your news need to be there! I am trying not to tell the group because it is your accomplishment.

    @ Cyncere, Lee gave a great not so subtle clue to her church. You know the pastor who gets as much if not more grief than ours.

    We would love to see you at a meeting. We rotate them monthly. I know it is track season but I am willing to give you a lift too!

  11. Hey! How are you? I'm reading you now cause KIT put me on to you! KIT digs you then I dig You! 8-)

  12. @Lee and TGEB -- I figured out the mega -- I too had been changing the world for several years--passed up my mega for several years before I had to give a friend a ride...and the rest is history. LOL!

    I'm convinced that I need to be active in the FFF -- and you will hear from me soon!


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