Thursday, April 22, 2010

In this One

In this one you are confused.

Stunned to no end.

Because you know this broad didn't just up and slap you in your face.

But you can feel it
The very sting of her hand is etched in your skin.
You feel the pain of it all up in your teeth.
It's almost as intense as the cold freeze from ice cream or ice cubes chewed the wrong way.

In this one, you don't know what to do.
She had the right to slap you.
What woman wouldn't do such a thing?
Her coming home from a hard days work...
Finding you in her bed.
Riding her man like you're trying to win the Triple Crown.

In this one, you don't know what to do.
Standing there naked to the world
With nothing but sheets bunched up around you
To cover up what's been done.

In this one
You simply nod
And gather your clothes
And walk away.

You'll ponder what you'd do some other time,
Some other day.

(by LadyLee, Women of Color Writing Workshop, 5 minute writing prompt "In this one")


  1. Anonymous12:42:00 PM

    Ha! Love the end!

  2. Whoa!

    I like this writing prompts because I never know where the heck your mind is going to take you. Good job.

  3. @Chele and Southern... The ladies were particularly upset about the sting of that slap, lol. One young lady thought 2 men had gotten caught in bed. (Really had to make sure she calmed down concerning that... although that would've made this piece a bit more complicated!)

  4. Wow, I felt the sting of the slap...just from your words. But I did laugh out loud at "Riding her man like you're trying to win the Triple Crown."

    You definitely make the Women of Color Writing Workshop interesting.

  5. jennifer8:48:00 AM

    felt it in her teeth... like ice... great imagery. it's funny, I had this idea in my head after reading just the first 3 lines that the 'slap-ee' was a man. It's funny what your mind assumes before it even has the whole story.

  6. LOL. I had to read it twice. It can be seen as 2 men. Whew! Superb piece.


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