Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Monday Morning....

Good Mernting...

I don't have much to say today. I am still in bed. Thought I'd be up by now, but this spring forward bizness has me waking up around 7:30 in the morning. I need to wake up around 6 to get all the things I need to get done before work, and I refuse to use an alarm clock, and-

Blog fam yells "Stop whining, LadyLee!!! Man up and stop being a PUNK!!"

Well... whatever. I've been whiny these days.

One thing I can't whine about is the beautiful weather.

The current temperature is 60 degrees.

And it will reach 86 degrees sometime today.


That's a little warm. I like 78 degree temps, with a slight breeze.

But I'll take the 86 degrees. Better than 30 degrees.

On to my weekend.

Saturday. I woke up, did a few chores, then went walking up at the track.

Then I swung by Grandma's house.

She was happy to see me, as we haven't seen each other all year. (Yes, I need to take my tail over there more often). But I needed to talk to her about this debit card I gave her. She hasn't used it since mid-February, and I needed to straighten that out with her. Apparently, she felt like she was spending too much money on it. And she thought, for some reason, that she had went over the limit and it had pulled money out of her account.

I told her that was impossible, as I had it set up where there was no overdraft protection. If she went over the limit, then it would be rejected.

Of course she didn't understand this. And I explained this again. Even letting her know how much I keep in there for her. She still felt like she was spending too much.

Okay. Well, far be if for me to encourage use any further.

Do your thang, Grandma! I just want to help.

We ended up watching infomercials and talking. I crocheted furiously.

I ended up leaving there after a couple of hours. (We were both nodding off to sleep. Those darn infomercials do it to me everytime!)

I swung by my homegirl's Dawnie's house. She's a massage therapist, and I sent LadyTee over there on Friday to get a massage, since I heard from my book club sista Netrock that Dawnie is REAL good.

LadyTee called me on Friday after a 2 hour massage, yacking hard and talking 50 miles a minute about how GREAT Dawn was.

I was suppose to throw a check in the mail to prepay for the massage last week, but forgot. So I went by Dawnie's house to drop off the payment.

"My friend talking about you like you Black Jesus," I said.

Yeah, LadyTee really liked her. That was part of LadyTee's birthday gift. She has neuromuscular issues, and Dawnie could help with that.

I like Dawnie. She's a former book club and journalling sista. But I've peered at her curiously over the years. She's only home on the weekends. And she's in Canada or Mexico for work on the weekdays. She heads up my writing group, so I finally said something to her about this a week ago.

"Dawnie, you like Tommy on Martin! We don't know WHAT you do for a living."

That got a big laugh out of everyone. She finally explained her job to me. I understood, but still was looking at her half crazy.


Sunday. Sunday was a Happy Easter. Didn't do much. Got up and prayed, had some bootleg communion of cranberry juice and bread. (I tend to do this from time to time). I didn't go to church (I never do on Easter). But my services stream on the internet, and I watched it there.
(And the place was full 'til the point of bursting.)

LadyTee and I were on the phone watching on the internet separately. I had to hang up with her, after yelling "Tam, ya'll talking too much, I'ma need ya'll to BE QUIET!" She hollered at me for being loud and throwing stuff around. (I was in the laundry room folding clothes.)

They never did. get quiet enough for me. I don't like my church services interrupted with noise!

Kentucky and I went walking on the track. Then we came home and cooked. Crabs and shrimp. (Yep, I eat meat on the holidays. SUE ME!) She fried some chicken wings, and I had a few.

And I feel like CRAP right now. Uggggggh!!! My body is like "Whaaaaaaat the @%$#*&!!!!!!!!

*Lee searching hard for her usual oatmeal and fruit for breakfast*

I really feel strange. It don't help that I'm PMSing. Ugh.

I might have to dismiss the holiday tradition. I'd probably be laid out on the floor right now if I had some turkey or ham. lol

We watched TV together. I crocheted furiously. We watched the Unsung Sylvester episode. I think I disturbed Kentucky to no end with all my singing along, lol... The episode sparked a convo about our grandfather's brother, our late Uncle Olin, who was a female impersonator. (Remind me to write about that, Southern Black Gal. It was a trip for me when I was your son's age, and realizing and accepting that I had "two uncles", i.e., my uncle and his boyfriend.)

A very nice quiet weekend. I wish I could've gotten through to Grandma, but it's all good.

Thought of the week. Kentucky ran up on me while I was in the bed on Friday night and started talking. This is interesting, as we are both notoriously quiet individuals, but over the past couple of years, she's been real yacky.

She said I gave her the best advice some years ago, when she was about to go off to college. I told her that it was a time of a lot of change for her, and she'd really get to know herself and who she is. I told her to take time, once a year or more frequently, to quietly reflect on what's going on within herself emotionally and mentally, and be real honest with herself about things.

She took that and ran with it, and it seems to be the core of our talks. The chick is VERY reflective.

My question today is: Are you?

I am. And it's a new season, spring season. The flowers are blooming, spring is here.

'Tis a good time to sit down and reflect on where you've done well and where you've missed the mark.

And pat yourself on the back... or forgive yourself.

That's what I'm doing.

Well, it's time to get up and go to work. My boss snuck up on me while I was walking down the hall on Friday and quietly asked

"You wanna act on Monday and Tuesday?"

Which meant did I want to be acting supervisor while she's off doing WHATEVER she has to do.


My immediate response was "WHO? WHO?"

She must've asked me because NO ONE is around. Really pissed me off because I have NO choice in the matter.

This was followed by MUCH crooked 2 fanger Celie pointing for the rest of the day, and me hollering (very belligerently):

"I don't believe this! I can't stand ya'll!!! My IQ goes down a couple of points when I have to be a part of management!!!!"

My boss doesn't care for the Celie point. She drags her hands down her face and groans. "You and your drama, girl!"

Management is NOT my friend, and I have NO aspirations for such.

Last time this happen, her car had broke down out of town. I offered to hotwire one of the government cars and send our group SuperHero to swoop her up and bring her back home (so she could resume her supervisor role. Forget the broke down car.)

She declined. I think she had visions of a sunglass wearing muscle bound shorty rolling up her in a tricked out government car kicking gangsta rap. lol

As usual I will hide out in the lab. Hopefully no one will call or bother me. I have my regular work to do.

It is going to be a GREAT day!

I say it! I declare it!

You make it a great day too. On purpose!


  1. I had planned on having a great weekend but on Sunday I was sidelined by a debilitating headache that I can't seem to shake. At first, I thought it was the two glasses of white wine that I had on Saturday but now maybe I'm thinking it may be the meat that my body is trying to adjust to. Weird.

  2. See?!?

    Vegetarian/Vegan is the new black. And once you go black...

    You have body aches and such whenever you go back.

  3. Seems like we are skipping spring and going right into summer. It will be in the high 80s all week here.

    I will be sure to remind you to write about that story!

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