Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catalina Islands, DR Vacation pictures

Continuing with these vacations pictures... On to my Dominican Republic Catalina Island pictures. I wasn't all that excited about going to the Dominican Republic. I'd gone there for my 40th birthday, and I was going to stay on the boat. But it turns out that we were going to one of Carnival's private Islands, and they were having a big barbeque, etc., so I decided to go and have a look see. (All late as usual. The folks I traveled with left earlier that morning. I think I went over near noon). Here's a shot of the island as from my cruise ship room balcony.

How lush and green it was. The boat didn't dock at a pier. We stopped out in the middle of the water a good half mile from the shore, and they let the lifeboats down. Those didn't look very... sturdy. I am taking a picture from a big double decker open air party boat.

I was NOT getting on those rickety looking lifeboats unless we were sinking like the Titanic and needed to get the heck out of dodge. So I went to the back gangway and jumped on the big white double decker boat.

(Incidntently, I had to ride one of those suckers to get back to the ship. That was some PURE tomfoolery. Ugh. Here's us standing in line to go back):

Pictures of the shore from my time on the big party boat.

White people know they like to lay out in the sun.
I found a shady grove of palm trees to lay out under.

A picture of our ship from the Catalina island docks. I like to be where I can see the ship. That way, if some mess jump off, I can swim out to the boat! One of my favorite pictures of the trip- a palm tree blowing in the wind.
Another picture of the shoreline. I think we were getting ready to sail away. A picture of the calm blue waters when we left.

It was a nice 3 hours for me in the sun under palm trees a good stone's throw from the beach. There were some small shops there, and I bought a couple of shot glasses. I ate my lunch and read my book, then got back on the boat.

People went hiking out along the lush greenery of the shore, but I wasn't up to looking into that.

Just wanted to relax on the beach, and enjoy the cool breezes... on purpose.

Stay tuned for more pics next week:)

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the pic of the palm tree!


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