Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday!

And yes... i am at work. And I am congested. Happens when I eat cheese. And last night, I had a portebello mushroom brown rice burger... with cheese.

*lee looking around from kleenex*

I should be off partaking of some Easter activities. Alas, I am not. I don't even go to church on Easter. I will probably go tonight.

In my mind's eye, I see myself getting much done this weekend. I have a good bit of painting to do. Not sure how far I will get with that. I did a lot of wall taping this morning, so all is left to do is paint.

Baking cookies this weekend. That will be my Easter holiday thing to do. Our family doesn't get together anymore on holidays, so I plan to treat it as another Sunday, none of the cooking a big dinter.

I also plan to get a good bit of writing done... or at least organizing.

My neighbors from next door came over a couple of days ago. They are youngsters, in their mid-twenties or so. They're having a party on Saturday night, and invited me to stop by.

I was looking at them like they were crazy. They've been there a good 9 months and haven't said much of anything to me. I think my neighbor that's renting to them told them I was a MEAN Oldgirl and I don't like noise, lol. So they are VERY quiet. They mighta just told me so that I wouldn't call the police on them.

But I will stop by. Give them a bottle of wine. Be nosy. And walk on back to my house.

How's about that?

Oh, and I have to make a cake. A double chocolate coffee infused cake.

Sigh. Not looking forward to that at all. I will start on it tonight, and will finish it tomorrow. It is not for me, but for a friend's birthday. She loves it, calls it the "Better than Sex" cake.

Not sure where she gets that. It's good, but uh...

Ain't no food out there better than sex. LOL.

Well I gues she feels that way. Good for her!

Hopefully I have all my ingredients and I can finish it up tomorrow!

With that, I hope you have a Happy Easter, and if Easter isn't your thing, then I hope you have a great weekend...

... On purpose.


  1. unityfalls6:53:00 PM

    That cake look good!!! Just wanted to wish you and everyone else a great weekend.

  2. It depends on who you are having sex with. LOL!

  3. That looks so gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!


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