Monday, April 11, 2011


Boy I tell you.

You know I work for the government, right?

I thought I'd be waking up this morning, a fired furloughed out employeee, not having to go to work. I thought I'd be getting up this morning, making plans to do some home improvements or something.

I even had this grand plan, this elaborate vision in my head of packing a few pairs of panties and bras and clothes in a backpack and flying standby to Bermuda and backpacking around the island for a week.

Alas all that went up in smoke. The Congress agreed on a budget on Friday. I knew they were gonna do that. Congress grandstands like no other. This was all for show as far as I'm concerned. When they were talking about the military not getting paid, well, you know that ain't going down. They were gonna sign something.

So I'll be dragging it into work this morning. All the more thankful for my job.

I know on Friday nobody was working working worth nuthing... Heck man,I was getting ready for my weekend. I was going to meet a couple of bloggers, Singlema and Tazzee, at the Sickle Cell 7K race over on the Southside of town!! I was excited! I spent most of my day making posters!

I also made a couple of Church fans!

Fun fun fun!!

I'll write about that later this week!

Besides that, I didn't do much of anything.

Not much excitement.

Some minor excitement: As you know, last week I bought a lawn mower.

Couldn't mow anything, because I couldn't get a safety clip off the crank string.

I went up to Home Depot, bout to snap on them about my lawn mower. It has a clip on the string I was trying to get off. They couldn't help me any.

So low and behold, good Ol' Mr. Thomas came over last night, wanting to cut my grass. I wailed about not being able to hook up my lawn mower.

He pondered it and got it going for me!


That blade was too low, though. Chunked up some of my grass!

But we worked it out! Now I'm happy! I'll be a grass cutting Oldgirl!

(What kind of posts will I be writing about that!? LOL)

Oh well... Should be an interesting summer!

Have a good week! On purpose!


  1. I almost choked laughing so hard at the church fans! Lee! LMAOOOOOOO

  2. @Mzinspiredmind81 Oh be quiet, Chicken. Nothing like a good church fan to cool you off on a hot day! GLORY!

  3. ROFLOL! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the church fans! lol

  4. Your signs are sooo cute!

  5. I thought you were always joking about church fans!! Bwhahaha Love them!

  6. Single Ma7:25:00 PM


    Doc, you know I loooooooved my church fan! LOL!

  7. I love the church fans!

  8. you a mess! (and i like it) :)

  9. At least your lawn mower isn't rigged with a clothes hanger like mine is right now. 0_0 leave it to my daddy to temporarily fix something for me . LOL

  10. you're so creative! Have fun mowing the lawn. **remembers July & mowing the lawn**

  11. Anonymous3:48:00 AM

    Well i'll be..the blog world is a small world. I read single ma's entire blog a few yrs ago. Gotta go check her out and catch up. She should be an empty nester by now. Gotta see how she dealt with babygirl going off too college. lol man all of u know each other..too cool Mary


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