Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Flicks... The Emotional yet Glad Edition

Yes, that's that Original Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone.

Looking a bit beyond surly.

He looks like he's ready to attack. He looks like he's in pain.

He looks like I've felt all week. Emotional. Mad. Angry. Confused about stuff. And a host of other thngs.

I have just wanted this week to be over. Way too much going on for my comfort.

I was sick the first couple of days of this week. This is hard because I have to work, and I push to work while sick (nothing worse than coming back to work and being way behind). I don't take off unless I can't move. I was feeling faint for a few days. Turns out that I was dehydrated and was having some issues from that. I'm glad to feel better.

I got confused about what was going on with a friend. Still don't know how I feel about that. I feel like I've gone through the emotional equivalent of eyebrows being singed suddenly. Well, I know how I feel, but learned I just need to keep it to myself. I feel like I was labeled as something other than a "true friend". Alright. Still trying to process what that means. I've had to decide that if I have to spend this much time processing, well, maybe I'm not a true friend. If I was, I would understand what that mean,. So the process of getting past that has begun. I need to be me and get back to the business of stop being overly concerned about things that are stressing me out, yet have nothing to do with me.

It's gonna be alright. Yes sir. I am glad of that.

Work has been...yikes! Today was a doozy, as someone tried to throw me under a bus in a meeting. WOW. How cantankerous. He didn't get the result he wanted. Someone said they saw the look on my face and it was not good. I think dude realized it. I only deal with a handful of people at work. He got tossed out of the hand. Don't discuss things with me and then go bring it up in a meeting because you didn't like my answers.  Not cool. You should score on that type of thing when you get a chance. Next time it happens, I won't be so polite.

Humph. But I know one thing: I am glad I have a job. I even got paid today. Glad of that.

I could go on. I'm not.

I know Play Mama has had to see my dark side this week. She has had to stand by patiently and not pull a switch off a tree and whip me good. I'm good at hiding whatever is going on with me, but she can tell when something is wrong.

Just be patient and let me get back to me, Mama. That's all I ask.

You know, I try to remind myself that someone got into their car this morning, heading to work, yet they didn't make it because they were in fatal car accident.  And they were the fatality.

That was not me today. And everyday I come home, whether the day is great or just plain downright awful, I thank God that it wasn't me, and that I have yet another day and chance to do better and be better.

This week has been a cacophony of emotions. Too many tears, too much anger, not enough laughter.

But I am glad my good weeks far outnumber my bad ones. Waaaay far.

And back to Oscar-Tyrone.

He isn't angry. He isn't confused or emotional.

He's just squinting against the morning sun.

He likes to sit up on the beams in the morning, just as the sun is rising in the eastern sky and shining through the small window over the living room.

He was sickly early this week. I'm hoping it was just a particularly nasty hairball.

He felt good enough to jump out on the beam and get a little sunshine.

I know he's glad of that.

I too am glad of that.

And glad for end of a bad week... and glad of the possibility of a better tomorrow.


  1. Tomorrow will be better. No switches or sparkly flip flops. Just love and hugs from Alabama

  2. I love those pics of Oscar

  3. I'm glad you made it through your bad week. Your lazy Saturday was just what you needed.

    Love the pics of Oscar Tyrone.


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