Thursday, May 17, 2012

RIP Donna Summer (1948-2012)

Me and CowgirlCre were working in our cubicle space this morning.

I'd been sitting in my cubicle working on paperwork that is left on my desk. I was peeved about sitting in traffic for over an hour (My drive to work is no more than 10 minutes) and was whining extra hard to my boss about not wanting to put in leave.

"It is NOT my fault that there was a 10 car pile-up!"

(At the same time, telling her if I had to put in leave, then fine. At least I wasn't in the pileup).

Things had calmed down in the cubicle after the boss walked away.

I got back to my paperwork. CowgirlCre reached over and shook my chair and pointed at her computer screen.

And it said Donna Summer had passed.


That was one singer I remembered from the seventies.

Most notably, I remember the Bad Girls album cover.

My mama had just bought the album. I had to be around 7 or 8 years old. I sat in the middle of the floor staring at the shiny cover.

"Mommie, why is she leaning against a pole?" I asked.

"She's a prostitute," she said.

I remember dropping the album cover to the floor, and clamping my hands over my mouth.

I'd been running around singing the song "Bad girl" pretty hard. Shouting "Hey Mista! You got the time! Mista!"


After that I remember hearing the song, and thinking "I'm not suppose to be listening to this song here!"

But what a song it was.

I loved Donna Summer songs. Especially the ones that had the long slow preambles. I loved how they spun out into these high energy disco songs.

Here's one of my favorites.

Donna Summer may be gone, but her music is timeless and lives on.


  1. Donna Summer was so a part of my formative youth. Loved her.

    Long Live Disco!

  2. Thank God It's Friday was the 1st PG movie I saw at a theater.

    I had this album too. Not sure when I realized what she was signing about. :)

    Toot Toot. Beep Beep

  3. I used to get in trouble for singing Love to Love You. Grandma wasn't having it, LOL.

    I immediately downloaded her greatest hits when I heard and was transported to 7 yr old Tazzee.


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