Monday, May 07, 2012

Private Parts

I was going to post on something else tonight, but something else peaked my interest...

I came home, lay across the bed as I usually do, and relaxed. I try to do this just to decompress from my day, which was pretty good. But I always need to relax, whether I'm in a decent mood or I'm brooding.

Anyway, I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. It was on one of the church stations. I wasn't paying that much attention. I was texting. And Oscar-Tyrone was sitting on the bed staring at me (so annoying).

But TD Jakes came on. I watch him as I'm getting ready to walk out the door in the mornings. His program is my alert to find my keys, pack my bag and head out the door.  By this time, I'm running late, I drive the car that has charger, handicap hang tag, and garage remote already in it. No time to be looking for much stuff.

The program was interesting, but it repeats in the evening.

I heard the most interesting quote:

"Never look at another family or marriage and wish or pray your marriage is like theirs.  The ONLY difference between your family or marriage and theirs is that they are very good at keeping things private."


That is a profound truth right there.

People got a LOT of stuff going on.

But they are very keen about keeping up appearances.

To the point of making people wish they were like them.

No you don't. You don't know what's going on behind closed doors.

People are good at covering up their private parts,

The private parts of their life, that is. Or, the problem areas of their lives...

Now, I think we all have things going on to some degree. Everyone. Life is an interesting soup... one that chock full of victories, failures, joy, disappointments, accomplishments, trials, tribulations, epiphanies, purposes, twists and hairpin turns...

Chock full. And that's what makes us the wonderful and diverse people we are.

I personally like people who are forthright with themselves concerning their vulnerabilities and their idiosyncrasies. If you've read here for some time, you should have a good idea of my own. I like people who know these things about themselves and are on a personal self improvement program.  Those, in my opinion, are the best type of people. They give me the courage to do the same.

What I have isshas with are perfect people:

Perfect life, perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect spouses, perfect jobs, perfect cars...

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

That's all good and well.

We all strive for perfection.

But it becomes suspect when they make it a point to make sure you KNOW they are perfect...

Red Flag. Whistle on the play!!

You've come across them... those people who are always right, who like being the center of attention, etc...

That's when I have a problem. I take some quiet steps away.

Because it never fails that their mess ends up being exposed. And it is some MESS.

Unbelievable mess.

I don't care for that. I feel conned.

It's not what we see that's all that important, but what goes on in the dark...

What goes on in heart of hearts...

That's truly important.

The only difference between me, with my imperfect self, and that perfect person are that they are really stealth about hiding their garbage. Very good at keeping things private, as the quote alludes to above.

And rightfully so. I myself don't like people in my business. And what you see with me is what you get. I simply don't have much drama going on.

Besides, I'm broken up from looking at others, and wishing my situation was like theirs. Busted up from it. I've done it before and I posted about the... experience. One that was very much in tune with the quote above.

An experience indeed. Had me shaking in my shoes.

Lesson learned.

We all have private parts... no one is exempt. It's how we deal with them that's important.

What a great quote.

That was a statement for the ages.


  1. You're right about that Lee. Show me something that's perfect and I'll show you something that's not.
    We all have something going on in our lives.

  2. So much truth! I make sure I let folks know my marriage isn't perfect. I'm not giving details though - you just gotta trust me, LOL

  3. I was just thinking about this very thing the other day. So much pretending going on its ridiculous....

  4. It is a statement for the ages!!! It is the TRUTH!!

  5. You said a mouthful. I feel bad for people who go to such great lengths to appear "perfect".

  6. I cosign with Tazee! LOL I talk when God leads me to talk and normally it's to help someone else.

    Folks who go for that perfect look are miserable. Keeping that up is HARD. Been there DONE that.


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