Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Love to Write, but...

I love to write.

Ya'll know that.

I have scratched out 3 or 4 rough drafts of novels. I have numerous short stories. (I prefer flash and short fiction over long form). I will go so far as to say i have written out some half million words.

Yes I love to write. More than I love Chemistry. And I have a Ph.D in Chemistry.

That in itself lets you know I really love to write, but.

But I always get the same old question: When are you going to publish your stuff? You should publish your writing.

Sort of like one can just wake up, send your stuff out and voila! Published! Rich and Famous.


It doesn't work like that. You wouldn't believe the stories I've heard from favorite authors over the years.

You want to know why I haven't gone that route?

Because it's a pimp-ho game.  And a VERY bad one at that.  VERY BAD.

You don't believe me?

Read this:  Harlequin Fail.

And read it before some cease and desist order or injunction gets slapped on the person's blog. Or before they up and disappear for putting the truth out there. I would be shocked if it stayed up for long.

I already knew this years ago. No one can convince me to go such a route. Not worth it. And someone came out and exposed it all in detail.

Pimp. Ho.

Yeah, the very thought over the years about the struggle to publish just kills a little of my writing joy... every time I think about it. I don't want what I love to die off... because of a pimp-ho thing.

Yeah, go read that post. And we don't have to worry about all the questions... ever again. You as a reader of books should understand what goes on.

Really though.

I'd much rather do my own thing... own my own:

*Ladylee slaps hands over mouth*

*LadyLee's eyes widen in surprise*





  3. @Play Mama A... Mama. You already knew of this many moons ago. Stop acting all surprised.


  4. Hmmmmm! I've been I reading this right? I must keep up!

  5. YESSSS!!! Make it so! I will be cheering for you! If you need some encouragement look to the other side of the cube! :)

  6. Jennifer10:02:00 AM

    **cartwheels like Lee does** alright now!!! Can't wait to hear where the 'Starks' name came from

  7. I am waiting patiently in lurkdom. As a person who wants to publish my writings at some point, I understand the dilemma.

  8. Write it down and make it happen chick!
    You're a brilliant writer!

  9. Anonymous4:41:00 PM

    Brilliant! man i'm reading your blog so fast my eyes hurt. Mary


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