Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lost Post... sigh

I wrote a REALLY long post last night... Woke up this morning and it was partially gone. Sigh. I blame Oscar. He hit the delete button. Messed up my 31 day streak.

I suppose it wasn't to be posted. I will post the remainder of it tonight.

Anyway I will partially post what I recovered.  It doesn't mean much of anything without the other half.  But uh, I like the pictures.


It is Monday night...

And I must say, Monday went by super fast.


I am glad of that.

Even though I'm just not up to par mentally right now.

I am in some sort of way...

...Feeling somewhere between Lurch

Broodish, Tired, just barely getting along. Watching the clock go tick tick tick... waiting for the day to be OVER already.
And beloved Aunt Esther...

Apt to snap on a sucker... and call em a fish-eyed fool.

Or just give folk that silent look...

That look that says "I wish you would..."


My number one problem continues to be just needing some time off.  Not gonna happen right now.

Hopefully soon.


  1. That lost post is in my reader! If you want I can copy and paste and send it to you. It's a good read and a reminder to me to pull out my vision board again!

  2. No. Someone else sent it to me from their reader earlier. I'm going to put the vision board half up later this week.

    Thanks, though.


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