Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I have seen around that Thursdays usually mean "Thirsty Thursdays", i.e., it means I should go out and get liquored up tonight.

Nope, not me.

I told Play mama a couple of weeks ago "I need a drank!"

She lovingly said "No, you need cold water with some lemon in it. That's the type of drank you need."

*dumps water on Mama's head; throws a sack of lemons at Mama*


Sometimes it gets that way, and I very rarely drink. Last drink I had was when me and my sister went to Red Lobster for my birthday back in february. She had sangria and I had a margarita. And that was that.

No drinks now. Maybe that water with a side of lemon, like Mama suggested. That would do an Oldgirl good right about now.

Jury duty. A month ago, a jury duty notice arrived in the mail.

Wide sweeping, grandiose imaginations blossomed from that notice.

I told my boss, "I'm gonna be on a big murder trial. And I'm gonna be the foreman of the jury. Believe that."

"Yes, I'm going to be gone all summer. Longer than summer. Until Christmas."

"Yes! Until Christmas."

Man. The night before jury duty, you're supposed to call a number, and they will tell you if you have to report, or if you're excused.

My group was excused. We were not to report.

DRATS. I was so upset, I shed a few tears.

"Surely I heard that wrong. Surely!"

I dialed the number again. And nerp. I heard it right.

*big crocodile tears*

I just wanted a day away from work. Anything. DRATS.

Oh well, not a bad thing to dream.

I quickly got over it.

Puzzled Oldgirl. Here's a picture of the crossword puzzle I'm working on:

Gargantuan thing, it is, covering a good part of the dining room table. I like to sit down and some 3 to 5 clues at a time.

There are some 1400 clues.

I will probably be working on it until Christmas. Yes indeed.

And I don't even like crossword puzzles. But this one was begging to be done!

VACATION. Guess what!?!?! Tomorrow is the start of a 5 day weekend for me. I am not going to believe it until I open my eyes in the morning and my day has started.

*lee jumping up and down on bed*


You know, someone told me to stop asking for time off, and to just put my requests into the system. It will either get approved or it won't. And it got approved.


That is the new order of the day.

It almost makes me want to crank up Lucy and go outta town! Road trip, Road trip!

My imagination is running wild, just like with that jury notice coming in the mail... imagination gone bonkers.

No telling what I will do. I'm just glad to be off. I was sitting in a meeting today writing down things I have to get done.

Oh what a list it is!

And I am glad of that!

So with that, have a great weekend! I will probably drop a post or two. Who knows.

All I know is my weekend starts at 6:00 pm... and I will be busting through the door like cattle gone wild!



  1. One tip when you jump up and down on the bed watch out for that whirling ceiling fan!! Enjoy your time off!! Rest and Recharge!! I need one too!

  2. Have a great holiday!!

  3. Anonymous1:13:00 PM

    Awwww! Enjoy the time off!...That puzzle is HUGE!! LOL!


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