Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, A New Day...

So last week, I was strumming along, and I couldn't get a post up for Friday. Seems as if I need google chrome now to post from work. Sigh.

And after talking to my sister on Friday evening, I determined that I'd already posted 32 days in a row, one day over my goal of 31.

So I will put up Friday's post tomorrow. It is the second half of the lost post from last Monday.

But today is Monday. A new day. And I am happy for it. And I am still pondering my quiet weekend. My goal was to keep busy. I tell you, I have been battling some serious insomnia over the past month, so the weekend is my time to catch up on my sleep. Not this weekend. I thought hard about all the things I needed to do.  Friday, I didn't get in until 11:00, but my mind was working out a few things I wanted to get done on the weekend.

With that said, I had a decent weekend. Nothing earth shattering, no major fireworks or anything. Just a decent weekend.  My mood has been improving somewhat, so that's a good thing.

There were bright spots in last week, i.e., I had a couple of writing activities to attend, and that always makes me happy.

I asked for a day off. Boss looked at me like I was crazy. Someone told me to just put my time in the system and keep it moving.  My goal this week is to put all that time in for the rest of the year. I have about 4 weeks of vacation time to disperse, and I plan on using 3 weeks worth over the rest of the year. I figure if I keep asking, it's not going happen. And I think that is just part of my being down: I really need some time off. I am thankful for my job, but I must admit, I do not like it. I will be thankful and keep it at that. But I need to take some time off.

This weekend's major goal was to cut the grass. It's about 8 inches tall, and I know I needed to do it. My regular yard man has put me down for whatever reason. I see this dude cutting GROWN MENS yards. Here I am a female, and I need the help. But since he's being a jerk, I'll cut my own grass. Humph.

And that I did.  EARLY on Saturday morning, while it was cool.  I know people were laying in bed and doing what I do when I'm awaken by a loud lawnmower...

"Who the heck is that cutting grass this early on a Saturday morning!?!?!"

LOL. Luckily no one came outside and started tripping. It wouldn't have bothered me one bit to bash a joker upside the head with my trimmer.

Anyway, for whatever reason, that was a good time for me. I don't know why. Maybe because it was still cool out, and the sun was beaming hard. It was very quiet in the hood. I managed to finish the front and back yard by 10:30 am.  I think I went in the house and laid down for awhile.

I didn't plan on going anywhere, but it was such a pretty day that I got out. I haven't cut my hair in a year, and it's doing some weird stuff. I REALLY need some stronger combs, which I am not all that happy about, i.e., maybe I need to throw a perm in it and keep it moving. So I went and got those.

I went to a BOOTLEG wanna be Sams near my house, where all the ice cream trucks, etc., get their stuff from. STRANGE place. Found it fooling around with LadyTee a few years ago. I needed some little cups for my salad dressing, and you can get 200 of them for 5 bucks. (I swear that stuff up in there is fenced).

Wanna be Sams... sans the music and lights (It is dark in there). No front door either.  You have to run up through an open dock.

I would take pictures if I knew they wouldn't shoot me. I'm telling you, all that stuff is fenced.

I was looking for 20 oz plastic cups with lids for my juice. They didn't have them. So I got out of there.

Then I went to a particularly jovial thrift store near my house. My sister told me about it. It was in the movie ATL. She said they had head scarves there. They had some, but I didn't see anything I liked.

That was about it for my Saturday. Sunday I went to the natural foods co-op for some fresh fruit and veggies for juicing.

And I managed to get some housework done. Not as much as I like, but enough. And I am glad of that.

No, like I said, no earth shattering, eyebrow raising drama over here.

I don't care for that.

But I needed to have a productive weekend. I feel like the needle of my mind has been set on either idle, or the wrong things. And I'm not the type to be knocked off kilter and let troublesome things bother me like they have in the past couple of weeks. That happens occasionally.  I try to stay focused on the positive. Because the negative it just that: negative.

And who needs that.

Quote of the Week:  From my Sunday Church notes

"God can see past the clothes you put on... into your heart, into your very motives."

I made sure to write THAT down.

And I will be pondering that the rest of the week.

Really though.

I hope to have a good week.

Thank goodness a 3 day weekend is fast upon us. I cannot wait. Nope, I don't have any plans. I will surely be making some though.

Have a good week... on purpose.


  1. I know what you mean about that vacation time. I have a week planned in July and one in October and I'll probably take another week in August. I'm thankful for my job but if I don't get regular time off it is not pretty.

  2. Anonymous1:27:00 PM

    I would take pictures if I knew they wouldn't shoot me. I'm telling you, all that stuff is fenced.

    I am at my desk on the plantation CRYING....hollering...

    yeaaaa a 3 day weekend....

    dee in san diego


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