Friday, June 24, 2011

Crazy Convos Part IV: Chicken in the Sky!

Good Friday Morning to YOU!

You know, I love to see people do different things. Just running in a direction away from whence the general crowd runs. It's quite refreshing!

I don't see enough of it. You will feel my disdain for such next week during a special food-for- thought week...

But anyway, when one of my favorite Chickens, who I affectionately refer to as "That Southern Black Gal", was talking about wanting to go skydiving as one of her 35 things to do before she turns 35, well I was like O_o.

I've never known anyone that jumped out of a plane. That just ain't something that everybody run to do.

Exciting. Dangerous.

So when she commence to actually doing it, my heart beat a tad bit faster...

Exciting Chicken. Dangerous Chicken.

She even posted a video of this event. I was mesmerized.

My cubicle mate CowgirlCre and I watched this video over and over again... Kinda like the crew in Menace II Society were watching that liquor store robbery video tape of when Old Dog shot the Koreans dead... and Cane was standing there like a punk drinking that Forty of OE.


And you know how we do... We are the peanut gallery...

And let the notes from the peanut gallery begin...

*LadyLee and CowgirlCre share a 10 foot cubicle... LadyLee sends video link to CowgirlCre then rolls her chair over to sit next to Cowgirl Cre so they can watch together*

0:11 minutes

LadyLee: Listen to that laugh of hers.
CowgirlCre: Yeah, she laughing.

*LadyLee and Cowgirl look at each other and do the Southern Black Gal laugh*

"Ha ha ha HAAAA!!!"

0:22 minutes

CowgirlCre: Look at her friend over there waving.
LadyLee: *mimicking Southern Black Gal's voice* "That's my friend!!!!"

*LadyLee and CowgirlCre and laugh and wave at each other*

0:42 minutes

LadyLee: That plane is moving, ain't it? I do believe that's when I'd start crying down, man! Crying! Time it start moving!
CowgirlCre: And everybody chit-chatting!

1:11 minutes

CowgirlCre: There go her friend!
LadyLee: Southern Black Gal got the finer instructor!

1:27 minutes

CowgirlCre: Look at dude. He just chit-chatting, and she just praying down, and he just talking hard.
LadyLee: All I know, they sure up kinda high. They up high!

1:55 minutes

CowgirlCre: There go her friend! Her friend is bout to jump!

1:59 minutes

CowgirlCre: Look at her, she got her hand on her chest. She praying "Oh Lawd!" Got her head all back, she trying to stay in the plane!
LadyLee: He interrupting her prayer time. Time to jump, gal! Stop praying and look at the camera, Southern Black Gal!

2:28 minutes:

LadyLee: Look at the look on her face.
CowgirlCre: And look at dude! Smiling and waving. Giving the peace sign.

*LadyLee and CowgirlCre give each other the peace sign, thumbs up, and wave at each other*

3:00 minutes:

LadyLee: *frowning at screen* Wait, did she pass out? She's not moving!
CowgirlCre: Her feet! You can see her feet! Look at her feet!
LadyLee: I think she passed out!

[I tweeted her. She said she didn't pass out. We don't believe that. Not for one moment.]

3:20 minutes:

CowgirlCre: She passed out and woke back up. She's smiling hard now! That's cuz she know the chute opened up!
LadyLee: But look! They still a long way up! Dang!

3:51 minutes:

CowgirlCre: That looks like asphalt.
LadyLee: Dude don't aim for the asphalt! Land on the grass! The dirt will do. Not the asphalt!
CowgirlCre: She sure is quiet.

4:00 minutes:

CowgirlCre: Where the heck is her helmet?
LadyLee: Naw, she don't have on a helmet. That's odd.
CowgirlCre: I wear a helmet when I ride my horse. He has a helmet on. Where is hers?
LadyLee: Yeah he has on a helmet.
CowgirlCre: Maybe it's a natural hair thing, and she don't need a helmet.

*Lee and Cre fall out laughing hard... A bit TOO hard*

CowgirlCre: She doesn't need a helmet... Her natural hair will protect her.
LadyLee: And where are her glasses? Did they fall off!
CowgirlCre: No helmet! No glasses!

*scrolling video back so we can see what happen to her glasses*

We couldn't figure that out. I tweeted her about it. She said he told her to pull them down around her neck so she could see. CowgirlCre thought it was a piece of plastic around her neck, and wondered from whence it came.

We watched this over and over and over. Our commentary was more detailed than this! Couldn't put it all! It was exciting! Made my heart beat fast!

*Lee and CowgirlCre smiling hard, flashing peace signs, thumbs and waving like the instructor*

Yes, yes... this is how us government workers spend our free time in the cubicle.

That video was waaaay exciting. Just watching the Chicken in the Sky was like being there.

Maybe not.

She said it was more than she expected. I can only imagine!

I'm just glad she stepped out and fulfilled a dream.


Check out her post on this experience!

This has been "Crazy Convos" week. I didn't say anything because I didn't know if I could pull it off. But I did! And it was fun.

You all have a great weekend! On purpose, man!


  1. BAHAHAHAHHAH she gonna fall out when she read this lol.

  2. LMAO I bout choked when you said my hair would protect me.

    That was so exciting. I was a bit nervous in the beginning though. I would love to do it again but I don't want to take any more chances with my life. LOL

  3. @Thoughtsofsoutherngal, that was very brave! Ida been screaming the entire time!

  4. ROFLMAO. I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I was praying and almost felt the wind blowing her twist out. LOL.

    What got me was how long it took for them to land. I was like dang I would have passed out waiting if I hadn't before the plane took off. Whew1

  5. I was holding my breath. Of course the commentary had me laughing hard.


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