Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Night Concert... SADE


I did a post last week on Sade and thosse $550 tickets. Those tickets are the floor seats, and they are GONE. I could probably get the nosebleed tickets- a few of those left, but I decline.

I want to see some of my favorite sangers. And they are the type that will be headlining over at the Ritz Lounge on Old National Highway in College Park for a $20 dollars and a two drink minimum, honey!

No Sade for me... Why go to the concert when Sade can come over to the House of LadyLee and give a concert?

Virtually... of course.


Some of these songs are close to 30 years old. That makes her an icon in my book. I remember being in highschool sitting in class singing some of these songs!

So here are my favorite songs.... Live at the House of LadyLee...

*Blog family sits on front lawn as Lee stands on the front porch of The House of LadyLee and introduces... Ms. Helen Folasade Adu*

"Hang on to Your Love"

This is the first song I ever heard by Sade. Love it!

*lee snapping fangers REAL hard*

"Is it a Crime"

*lee hugging self and swaying real hard*

This is my all time FAVORITE Sade cut. Definitely in my top five of favorite songs ever! I love the whole emotion of it. EVERY female has felt like this. Yes Sir! It almost brings a tear to my eye!

"Your Love is King"

"Sweetest Taboo"

This was another song we sang in high school, some 26 or 27 years ago.

I'm digging the steps she does to this song at the 3:20 minute part... 4 steps forward, 4 steps back. I could be her back up dancer. I could learn that in a couple of minutes...

LOL! Not sure if that was the British version of the electric slide or what! But I loved-ed it!

"Never as Good as The first time"

One word: Catchy! Fast for Sade! Love it!

*blink*blink* But this is some ol' slow one minute footage. Hark, scroll to bottom for the song!

"Turn My Back on You"

I couldn't find concert footage of this song. Guess it wasn't all that popular. But it is one of my favorites indeed!

She running around in a suit. That must be where Janelle Monae got that tuxedo uniform idea from. I don't like it. But you do you, Sade.

"Smooth Operator"

I love this song! I remember being in 11th grade, and us just loving the part "Don't need to aaaaask" LOL.

"Cherish The Day"

That song was off the Love Deluxe album. I loved that album...

"Never as Good as the First Time"

Couldn't find any concert footage of this song. I am sure there is some. But I LOVE this song. Probably because it is fast, and quite catchy.

*lee snapping fangers hard dancing all around the front porch*

Thanks for attending the free Sunday night Sade concert at the House of LadyLee!!


  1. I'm snapping and swaying Lee...with my eyes closed. Thank you for having a concert we could afford. =)

  2. Now Oldgal, how you gon' have Sade up here and now have "Maureen" and "Punch Drunk"? LOL

    I will let you know how she sounds since I got tickets to her concert for next month! *screams* they aren't floorseats but I will be in the building with her and tweeting about it all the way.

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