Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Silver Sparrow Giveaway Part 2!

So, we had 2 winners of Tayari Jones' Silver Sparrow last week... LoveBabz and The Bball Mama!

I have THREE additional books to give away!


*church shouts*

All you gotta do is leave a comment. If you left comments on the other post, and didn't win, then your name is entered in the drawing. I will pull three names, and you will just have to email at oldgirl_1@earthlink.net or Oldgirlladylee@gmail.com . Now if you want your book signed, you BEST be getting your name and addy to me. I will leave this post up til Thursday night, and then I will pull names on Friday morning. SO, I will get them signed Friday night. Get your name to me.

Heck, some folk just send a straight email. FINE. Do that. Just enter to win. Three chances to win, babes!

I finished the book a couple of days ago. (I had read a rough draft a couple times).

One word: STELLAR.

Fine, FINE piece of literature. I mean very finely written. Multi-layered. Just a fine fine work on so many levels. And I aint saying that because I am her number one fan or cuz I stalk the cheese out of her. I am saying that from the writer in me.

The chick wrote this book. If she would've been standing next to me when I finished reading it, I would've thrown the book to the floor and hugged her tight... and cried my eyes out, Man.

That is all.

And I could even see where she used a couple of my suggestions! (*lee turning infinite number of cartwheels all around the room*)

And you know it's a GOOD thing (well for me, NOT Tayari), that I could just blow her cell phone text messages UP with quotes I liked, etc. Sometimes she even answered me. (This was a good thing for the stalker in me).

And the reviews are nice. Also, she was even on the Bat Segundo show. Click the link! A great podcast! You can hear an interview about Silver Sparrow for 30 minutes. Oh joy!!

Here's a review from the local Atlanta newspaper. I have it tacked up in my cubicle at work.

As you can see, Lil' Serenity Chicken is standing atop my laptop reading it.

Turn this way, Chicken! Fix your scarf on your head, and smile for the camera!!!

LOL. She looks pleased. She's smiling... on the inside.

You TOO can be pleased, just like Lil' Serenity Chicken! Enter the drawing to win a Silver Sparrow.

PLEASE leave your NAME. What is up with entering anonymously? Is your name John or Jane Doe? NOPE. Leave a first name, nickname, blog name... something!

Enter to win! You have 2 days! Win a GREAT free book :)


  1. Okay I crack up everytime I see the lil chicken in the pictures.

    Win or lose it dont matter I just have one question when are we going to be readig about Lady Lee publishing a book or three :)

  2. Oooh, I missed the other giveaway but count me in this time! If you rave about a book, I know it MUST be good.

    LOL @ that chicken!

  3. Put me on program for this giveaway

  4. oh me me me me me, please! i want a copy. i read it on my kindle, but i want a copy for real so i can have Ms. Tayari sign it when i meet up with her in Nola later this month. i loved this book and didn't want it to end. Tayari's characters were so real i wanted to hug them both and make their hurts disappear.

  5. unityfalls3:09:00 PM

    I want in. I read the chapter she had on her blog and loved it.

  6. I definitely want to be entered to win! Thanks!

  7. It would be beyond cool to win a copy of Tayari's book! Sign me up, please.

  8. You crack me up with the chicken pics lol.

  9. Love your sunshine attitude! Also like the cute chicken, but LOVE the cats! Thanks for doing the giveaway. You are generous as well as positive!

  10. Lil Serenity cracks me up!

    Enter me in the drawing!

  11. The Green Eyed Bandit8:39:00 PM

    Count me in and pick my name. See the others just said count them in. I am claiming that one of those books have my name on it!

  12. Throw my name in the pot chick!

  13. Anonymous9:08:00 AM

    That chicken cracks me up! Please add me to the drawing as well.

  14. I'm tryin to win man! LOL. It's mzinspiredmind

  15. Jennifer1:31:00 PM

    Heck yeah

  16. Uhmm Lil Chicken might need some glasses. She's reading mighty close there Lee. Gotta find lil chicken some stylish glasses(maybe red frames)and she will be all set. LOL Count me in for the drawing.

  17. I love that little chicken. It's like Waldo but cuter.

    Good Doctor, what's a girl gotta do to get a copy of this book? Do I need to file a motion? Make an objection? Appeal to the Supreme Court?

    I'm trying to get one of these here books!!!!!!!

    *rubs rabbit foot for extra luck*

  18. I want to be enter in the giveaway as well. I already read the book but would LOVE a signed copy and this here wild west town isn't a stop in her tour.


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