Thursday, June 16, 2011

Milk and Cookies Sr. and Jr. Picture Show

So I was wondering around on my baby brother's, Milk and Cookies, facebook page and I found some pictures.

Him in his army gear.

Me and Cowgirl Cre were pondering this picture.

"He looks dangerous," I whispered.
Cowgirl Cre nodded in agreement.
"Look at that grass," I said. I tapped my LCD screen with my ink pen. "That is not Georgia!"
"Sure ain't, girl." CowgirlCre replied.

I think that's is a picture in Iraq. He's stationed in Seattle now. Thank goodness he's back.

Milk and Cookies loves motorcyles. This absolutely unnerves me.

Looks like now he has Milk and Cookies, Jr. all excited about motorcyles.

When Milk and Cookies smiles, his smile is quite toothy. He needs to turn the wattage down.

Orthodenture... it sure works, and he don't mind showing it off.

He even got the baby sitting up on a minibike all by himself.

Lawd have mercy.

That child is going to be riding his own motor bike before we know it.


Whelp! Best to get him use to it now while he's young!

Ya'll have a Terrific Thursday!


  1. This doesn't look like a baby anymore. He's a little boy now.. Pretty soon he'll be starting school. LOL I guess that means you are getting old!

  2. LOL @ you calling him milk and cookies! You've got to tell me the story behind that one!

    Mini milk and cookies is so cute lol

  3. I've got quite the toothy smile myself. Leave us lone Lee!!!

    I'm glad your baby bro is back in safely as well.

  4. Much respect to him for serving! We can't thank him enough!

  5. You and Cowgirl Cre stay pondering. lol

  6. The Green Eyed Bandit7:32:00 PM

    OK! Lil Milk and Cookies is NOT a baby anymore! LOL He is a big man now.


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