Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years with the Bandit Crew!

Dedicated to Mama Bandit. Thanks for the labor of love on New Years day...

3 posts in one day!

Blog Fam hollers "What in the World??!"

Hush up.

I'm on vacation, so I got all the time in the world to blog.

'Tis New Years Day, and I was invited down to The Green Eyed Bandit's Batcave for a New Years Chow down.

First of all, I am HOT with the Bandit. That chick been blowing up my phone since Christmas. I mean, my phone is SMOKING. She does all this knowing good and well that I don't answer the phone unless it is sitting RIGHT next to me. She is worst than the little engine that could!

"I was over your way, Lee, and I was gonna stop by."


Uh, Shorty... you need to give me at least an hour's notice. We don't answer the phone at this spot. I think she even came over one day. Kentucky asked (with a most concerned look on her face) "Did Bandit come over here? I thought that was her car. I wasn't sure"

No, we don't open the door. You better call if you want to make a doctor's appointment.


She called yesterday while I was at the movies, talking about she was 'round my way and was trying to stop by.

Shawty!!! I was clear across town, deep off in the southside, chilling at the movies. NOOOO!!!

(And she would have to light a fire in the yard for Kentucky to open the door. Or stand in the middle of the street acting REAL crazy or something. HUMPH!)

She was hollering "That's alright. I don't care. I don't care. My feelings ain't hurt."

I know they ain't, girl. You keep telling yourself that. Keep your head up, because we won't be opening the door if we don't get a heads up.

Despite our bickering back and forth, she allowed me to attend her New Year's dinner soiree. Mama Bandit was in town from Cleveland. I told her to tell her Mama, sure, LadyLee would be there. It's always good to see Mama Bandit, you see.

And I wanted her to know that I was gonna leave 2 big red buckets of chitlins at the back door of her house. Mama Bandit needed to commence to cleaning them, so that they'd be ready when I got there.

(They were NOT amused by this.)

And you KNOW I wasn't eating any chitlins. I was thinking about the other guests.

Anyway, I rolled down I-75 south, with my book club sista, The Infamous Net Rock, riding shotgun.

(I tell you, it really is like going out of town down to the "Country".)

Mama Bandit said be there at four, and you know... my clock is set to CP time.

We got there around 4:15 pm. Everyone was already eating or lined up around the table fixing their plates.

Mama Bandit is on them white people's time.

And Mama Bandit got down ya'll.

There was Chicken and dressing!

Macaroni and Cheese Galore!

Green Beans and potatoe salad!!!

Black Eye Peas (and you see that they'd torn those down before we had even gotten there).

Plenty of libations. Bandit happened to find the tallest bottle of Reisling ever made.

Hey girl, where was the pitcher of Pink Panties? You ALWAYS have Pink Panties laying around! LOL

Fruity punch! (I hope it wasn't spiked, because there were plenty of young chirrens there.)

Deep Fried Pork Ribs!

Blog fam cups hand to ear and hollers (aka Lil' John style), "WHAT????"


**Blog fam kicks the blank stare**

Yeah. I was seeing mad **crickets** too.

*Lee passes by platter of fried pork ribs. Lee passes BACK by platter of fried pork ribs. Lee leans down and peers curiously at platter of fried pork ribs.*

So, you know I had to get a piece. I told Bandit I wanted a small piece. This meant I wanted her to grab one and cut a small piece off. Hell, she coulda pinched off a piece with her finger or something.

But she kindly found the smallest rib. And that's some once in a lifetime type of craziness there. So I ate it.

It was good ya'll. But I haven't had any pork since September (I might have, but I just don't remember). Couple that with the fact that I don't like salty stuff, well... it was good, uh, but I wasn't kicking my heels up begging for more...
Very interesting creation indeed.

Man, I might have some ridiculous nightmares tonight.

(No I won't. Let me REBUKE that thought right now. Sweet dreams tonight, babes).

But Mama Bandit got down with the whole fried pork rib bizness. That's taking it to a whole nother level right there, man!

I took a couple of pieces home. I yelled for my sister when I got home.

"Kentucky!!!! Come here, gal! I bought you something! You GOTTA try this!!"


Anyway, it was all good. I had a great time hanging out with Bandit and her friends. (And this is good, knowing that I don't like Henry County one bit!!).
She mumbled "I was trying to hunt you down to give you your present."
We went out in the garage, she popped the trunk and removed 2 nicely wrapped presents. I was shocked. My only wrapped presents. (We don't wrap gifts at my crib. We hand you your stuff in a cardboard box or a Wal-Mart bag. You better work it out, and pretend you're unwrapping a gift, lol)
I unwrapped them: a nice padded vision board and a very pretty journal.
Thanks Bandit!!!

So, I've had a happy happy start to my new year.

Deep fried pork rib and all.

I hope that rib ain't indicative of the year to come! UGGH!!!

Better not be.

I hope you've enjoyed your New Years Holiday!

Here's to hoping the remaining 364 days of the year bring you good things!


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit11:04:00 PM

    I am tempted to wake Mama Bandit up but I know better. I will show her in the morning. She will start moving around about 5 or 6.

  2. That food looked soooooo good!! Dang!!! Happy New Year Lee!!

  3. Lawdy bee, that looks good! I am such a rebel...didn't eemuch cook today...nope, fend for ya selves family..I's tired. My back be ackin like a just I unloaded 5 bushels o' cotton.
    Bedrest fo me.
    (watch someone new hits your site, reads this and is

  4. Anonymous1:12:00 AM

    deepfried ribs!yall don't even know- they were the bomb!

  5. @Bandit... Na'wl...don't wake her up! Leave her be! Tell her she got down. We just need to teach her how to cook greens and chitlins! She'll be ready for real then!!

    @Bunny... Happy New Year, girl! I tried to leave a comment at your spot and got locked out! Whatchu tryna do to me!!!!??

    @That bayou creole chick ali... Man, go to bed. Put that liquor bottle down, Ma! You talking crazy! New Orleans meet Color Purple type of crazy! Happy new year!

    @Viv, aka Net Rock...They were the bomb, weren't they? I'm still trying to wrap my head around "fried ribs". DANG!!

  6. Sorry I missed the soiree...dang it! but the family comes first...and we decided to travel to see the mom-in-law...

    Way to start the New decade!

  7. I can't even imagine eating a fried rib. Everything about a rib just seems wrong. Anywho, the spread of food looks great! And I've had that Riesling before:)

  8. You know I blocked out everything before deep fried rib right? yeah....I did. Next time send me one!

  9. Deep fried pork ribs? Very interesting.


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