Monday, January 25, 2010

Post 28: Of Life and Grocery Store Lines

One thing I can't stand:

A long grocery store line.

And it just disturbs me to no end to have a cart full of groceries and I run up on a long line.

And it's REALLY disturbing to look up and down the checkout area and ALL of the lines are long. Or, only two lines are open, with like, a gazillion people waiting.

So, what do I do?

I wait patiently. I've even gotten into the habit of slipping a book from home in my purse. Or, if I don't have a book, I grab one of the tabloid magazines off the shelf. I may talk on my cell phone.

I occupy while I wait patiently.

I'm weird like that. I just can't stand there. I have to occupy, be busy doing something. Nothing worse than just standing still and watching the line inch forward. Ugh.

And as the line gets smaller, I breathe a sigh of relief.

That means it's getting closer to my turn.

And that's how I look at life.

You know, it disturbs me to no end when people get all upset when someone has a victory or accomplishes a goal. I've seen it all my life.

"She think she all that because she got that raise."

"He won that race. Look how he celebrating. I can't stand him."

"Look at her prancing around in that new dress. She think she cute. She ain't all that."

I can't stand that. I make a note of people who ALWAYS got something say about people. I tend to stay away from them. Because if your're grumbling about everyone, then newsflash: You're grumbling about me, too.

Now I understand there's a caveat here. There are folk that make it a habit of flaunting, or of getting things done on the shady tip. Yeah, those people aren't to be praised for anything. We all know the difference there.

And you know what that's about, right? Those people have to operate on the shady tip, because they don't have the chops and skills to do anything legitimately.

No, I'm talking about people and their earned accomplishments.

I LOVE seeing people meet their goals. I LOVE seeing people have big accomplishments.

LOVE it.

Especially if I see the beginning of it all. Especially if I see the whole thing grow from seed stage, from when a person begins thinking about it, when it's nothing more than a mere thought on their mind. Especially if I'm there to see the whole process from beginning to end.

LOVE it.

But, there are people out there who get all jealous of people who accomplish their goals and do great things.

Why is that? Not sure. I think it may be society driven. Competition and jealousy are first cousins, you know.

I mean, it's like being in a grocery store line. I'm happy when that grocery store line goes down. I'm not standing there holding up the process. I'm glad when someone with a lot of groceries gets all that stuff bagged up and pays their bill. I'm VERY happy when I see them roll their cart up out of the store.

That means it's my turn. MY turn to get my groceries.

I'm happy to see you accomplish something. I applaud you. Especially if you've been praying for it. Believeing for it. And it comes to pass.

I do the HIGH rockette kick behind that.

Why? Because I'm genuinely happy for you.

And it jacks up my faith a notch. Gives me more hope and faith for my own desires to come to pass. I've learned much from watching you. I've learned that there is a process. I've learned to patiently wait.

And I'm happy for you.

Just like in a grocery store line. You got your stuff, you're outta here.

Now it's MY turn.

My turn in the checkout line.

I've noticed one thing: People who are snarky and get a stank attitude concerning other's accomplishments rarely have accomplishments of their own.

And that ain't good.

So, you don't have to worry about me if I'm behind you in the grocery store line. I'm not going to hold you up.

I'ma need you to go ahead on and pay for those groceries and roll up on outta here.

Because now, it's my turn.

Shoot man... An Oldgirl might just help you out.

*Chele frowns up as she stares at the candy next to the checkout line*

"Uh, what you need, Oldgirl?" LadyLee asks.

"Pass me the tic-tacs," Chele replies.

Lee looks at the tic-tac candies. "What flavor?"

"Uh-, uh-, gee, I'm not sure what flavor-"

*Lee snatches all the tic-tacs and throws them at Chele*

LOL!!!! (You know I had to inject a bit of smurfiness.)

This is something I like about myself: I celebrate others accomplishments. I love it.

Let's me know that all things are possible.

Not only for you, but for me too.


  1. This is a good analogy. I hate waiting in line, but what else can you do? Besides go to self checkout and then that never works for me and I always have to get a store worker to help me.

  2. I know my turn is coming and I'm excited. When I see someone else (especially another Black woman) "make it" that just encourages me even more.

    Thanks for the tic-tacs, heffa.

  3. Anonymous11:23:00 AM

    I've never been the type of make smart comments when someone meet their goals. For what?! That will get you nowhere in life. And I'm trying to get somewhere!

  4. I am also happy when people succeed at their goals and ready to celebrate with them. It just does my heart good, gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. I was so happy when my best friend told me she was going back to school. And to see her do it and do it well had me steady cheesing.

  5. Anonymous3:34:00 PM

    Sometimes I listen to a podcast on my iPod. Sometimes I just relax into a stance, shoulders down, stomach pulled in, legs strong, slow breathing and watch the proceedings in front of me.

  6. very well written. i liked the analogy as well.

    i think some people hate on people because they are not happy with themselves. it is hard to be happy for someone else when you ain't happy with yourself. misery loves company and therefore does not get happy when it's time for the company to pay for their groceries and depart.

  7. Co-signing Luv...misery loves company.
    I love when people hit their goals...just love it. One of my closest friends just went back to school and I am so happy for her, I could just burst! When she graduates, I am going to be a big puddle of water I'm

    Long lines used to bother me but, they don't anymore. I just read a magazine...keeps me from having to buy it.

  8. The Green Eyed Bandit6:19:00 AM

    Great analogy Lee. I hate waiting! So in grocery lines, I always read a magazine off the rack to past the time.

    In other areas in my life, I hate waiting! I see the connection! However I love to see people hit their goals, especially when I can see the whole process. It is just affirmation that it can be done. Most times, I make sure I encourage/congratulate them on their path.


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