Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A New Type of Kit-Kat

So I was in my favorite asian grocery store and I saw THIS...

Now, I recognize the Kit Kat symbol, but uh, NOT those colors.

So I asked some questions. The kind ladies who mind the store do not let me buy anything stupid.

I took the bags of kit-kats to the register. "What kind of kit-kats are these?"

"They're imported," one of the ladies responded. "Green Tea and Raspberry."


Who would have ever thought they had different flavor Kit-Kats in China?

I should know better that this occurs, as there were different types of chip in Dubai.

So I bought them. And at $4.99 per package, they were expensive. But I would suppose around 15 individual packs came in one package.


The raspberry tasted okay. Very fruity. But it needed a layer of chocolate in there. This was STRAIGHT wafers and bright pink raspberry cream-like candy.

But the Green tea flavored?


Didn't taste like anything to me. I don't even think I ate the whole thing.

I think it may have helped if I was a green tea drinker. I only drink green tea if it is blended with some other tea. Otherwise, nope.

So ya'll can have these green tea kit-kats.

I will stick with the regular American kit-kats... 

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  1. nope, nope, and nope! those flavors don't sound appealing at all in a kitkat bar. I've had orange flavored kitkats and mint flavored and those were quite good. you were brave for trying those


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