Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Monday Evening... The Rainy Night Edition

This right here is the situation in my beloved ATL.


Rain, rain, rain!

Rain ALL the time (well over the past couple of days).

And here's the kicker: It is COLD. It is in the 50s here in my beloved ATL.


Rain and cold together. Uh, NO, NO!

Especially since it was just 80-85 degrees last week.

Last night I was shivering in bed, but I refused to go get another blanket. Nope. Because it's going to be azzzzz HAWT in a few more days. You watch and see.

This has been an interesting day. I had my routine 8-10 week doctor's appointment today. Every thing is fine, but the dude who does out blood work was out, and we all had to wait around for his replacement. I decided to wait an hour, then jet. I could always come back another day, since my next appointment isn't until early July.

But they all looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I could do that.

The  answer was "NO.  Wait for Dr. B. to come out here."

Uh... yeah. I waited for her. And she made the new blood work person (I know this is a phlebotomist. I just don't know how to spell it) do my blood work. That poor young lady had a rough time. Took her 15 minutes to do my blood work.

I didn't mind waiting. But that's the wrong side of town to be waiting around for something. I have been waiting around  in the waiting room before when the wait was a bit too long and...

What's the most gentle politically correct way to say this... 

Let's just say the working class "Make Amurica Great Again" clientele went OFF.   And it was SCARY. Then for some odd reason they start going in on Obama..


Ain't nobody got time for that. Because if any of the black folk  stand up and say something, we might ALL get shot.  Because you know they probably packing.

And I don't care to be around all that. Let us all just wait... peacefully.

I thought of all of that this morning.  And I would have GLADLY made a nice 60 mile round trip back out there to get some simple blood work done.

Oh well.

It is all good and well.  I arrived to work a couple of hours later to work than usual after an appointment.  The supervisor was alright, but you BEST believe I was equipped with a doctor's excuse. I'm going to scan that in and send it to him. This Oldgirl doesn't want any trouble.

CD of the Week.  So. I ran up on the STRANGEST CD I've heard in  awhile. I actually ran up on two of them, but let's just talk about one for now.

"Awaken, My Love!"  by Childish Gambino.

Childish Gambino is the rap persona of actor Danny Glover. I'm not  a fan of his rap music, and I think he was a part of that Community sitcom on NBC at one time. He produces the show Atlanta now, I believe.

Have you heard this Awaken CD, though?  Is it not the strangest thing you've ever heard? It's like, a mash-up of Prince, Funkadelic, and Sly and the Family Stone. Just ODD.

But SO Good.

It shocked the cheese out of me. I had it on while driving somewhere far from my house.

Had me sitting in the car like O_O.

It sure snuck up on me. And I like it. It is VERY different from anything out right now.

So my Songs of the Week are two cuts from that CD.

"Me and Your Mama"

Isn't that CRAZY???

It sounds all lovely and nice in the beginning then it just goes off a huge cliff.  WOW.

And "Terrified", my favorite song off the CD.

And it's just such a nice song... doesn't go barreling off a cliff. Thank goodness.

That's it for my Monday Evening rambles.

You all have a nice week.

By design and on purpose.

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