Thursday, April 20, 2017

Food for Thought: Bill is OUT (A Time to Pause)

You know, I would've NEVER thought that Bill O'Reilly would be kicked off of Fox.

But it happened, tho.

The right combination of ingredients made for an interesting recipe on how to get someone booted.

First of all, he was labeled. ALL his business was coming out.

I think what disturbed me was the whole visual of him going off on his wife, grabbing her by the hair, and dragging her down the stairs. And his daughter, according to the divorce papers, saw it all.

Next, it came out that Fox was paying off all those women he sexually harrassed... Wow.

STILL, I thought he would keep his job.

I began to think, "Perhaps there is a problem here" when Auntie Maxine snapped on him for saying her hair looks like a James Brown wig...

Then the women put on their pink p*ssy caps, snatched up their phones, and went gangster on companies who advertised with the show.

(That picture captures their wrath. It looks like "I ain't playing with yo' azz!")

When our beloved President of these wonderful United States stepped up to defend Bill, I thought "Uh, Prez ain't got no credibility, Bill!"

That  ingredient hurt more than it helped.

When it was announced that he was taking a two week vacation, I thought "Oh snap, he's getting fired!"

This was what we called, back when I was in high school, someone getting snatched baldheaded.

In later years, it has been called snatching someone's weave. Or, as the youngsters says now, getting one's edges snatched.

Whatever you call it, we now have the perfect formula of how to kick someone off their throne.

Dude will walk away from this jobs with millions and millions of dollars. He will go on and live happily ever after, never having to work another day in his life if doesn't feel like it.

I think of all of this on a deeper level.

When I see people being all moralistic (is that a word?), I pause.

Correction: when I see someone being all moralistic and constantly shaking their the finger and shaming any and everyone who looks or thinks differently than them, I PAUSE.

(Because there is absolutely nothing with being moral. Nothing at all).

But, when I see this various mix of behaviors (moralistic + judgmental), I pause.

And I wonder...

What will we see...

When we pull back the heavy black curtain from the highly moral and judgmental person's life...

What will we see...

What are they hiding behind that curtain?

What are they hiding in the back corners of their lives?

Because that's always what's going on with people like that.

Pause and look back over some of  these scandals with some celebrities.


This is just an observation.

And it is a stark reminder for me to be diligent about working on the deep complexities of my own life. Let's face it, we all have them. And it takes a lifetime to work on them. And it's much less painful to pick on people for having issues and struggles than to deal with our own. That's just human nature.

Sounds simple enough. But you know what I mean.

Anyway, it felt alright to see some justice. This last 100 days has been one helluva ride! 

Bye, Bill...

Live your life happily ever after in filthy riches.

And in the constant memory of what went wrong. On purpose.

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  1. Two things: (1) I really need to spend time working on my own complexities, because there are many. (2) I'd bet money that after a few years Bill will be back to work on television and harassing women.


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