Sunday, April 02, 2017

April 2017 Goals

I have been thinking about my goals for the past few days.

My problem is that I seldom write them down.

I admire people who have goals and who are able to answer the question Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I sit back in awe of people who have a 3 year plan.

I rarely do these things. I don't know why.  It isn't that I don't have faith in myself. And I keep daily to-do lists, and if I go back and look at those, I accomplish a WHOLE lot. But I rarely write down what I want to do. I think that is because life changes on a dime. Life never goes as perfectly as we envision.

Or maybe I am just afraid to list goals. Who knows.

Anyway, I want to post all month, and tonight my mind is on goals. I have a few.

1. Make a budget for the month. This is something I rarely do. But I think I can shave a couple hundred dollars or so off of my discretionary spending. I need to at least write things down. I want to do that in order to create some new savings goals. I have been saving at the same rate for the past three or four years. I can at least be more aggressive.

2. Pay off a bunch of stuff. I got my tax refund back and I am paying off a couple of credit cards. Part of me wants to squirrel that money away, but nope. Just do it. Interest sho nuff know it adds up. Time for that to stop. Debt free minus the house. Amen.

3. Eat better this month. My eating habits have been a bit shady. I am planning to do better about that. I am in the subconscious habit of eating lots of fruits and vegetables during the day, but I am crazy at night. I need to transfer my daytime habits to my nighttime. And I want this to become subconscious like driving a car. But right now, I have to work at it and plan.

4. Journal every day. I do so much better when I have a journalling habit. I rarely talk to people about what is going on with me. That comes from being slapped down for having an opinion during childhood. So I rarely speak my feeling, and I pray and write. I get a WHOLE lot of stuff done that way. And no one ever knows what was going on. Problems pop up and they get solved quickly. I tend to like it that way.

5. Read more Bible. This is a tough one for me. Why? Well the answer to the question isn't that obvious. But for some odd reason, I will have a reading habit, then I will stop. Why? Because I will ponder a piece of scripture for MONTHS. I will think about one verse for a very long time, chewing on it like a chicken bone, trying to squeeze as much understanding out of it as I possibly can. And I need to chill with that. Think about it for a day, and keep it moving. So I think I will just read a chapter a day and take good notes as usual. If I see something that moves me, then I will spend the day with it, i.e., looking up different versions, etc. Easy enough. Hmm.

6. Blog every day this month. I have tons of material to blog about. And I need to do this for me, as it is highly therapeutic. I have done well, right? 2 days in a row. Whoo-hoo!

The key to that is keeping notes on what I want to blog about. I will think about something during the day, then I will forget. I just need to write it down, and I will do just fine.

Those are some of my goals. Five is enough to work on and to keep me from being idle.

6 goals is enough for the month. All these things are doable.

At least I hope they are.

I am willing to try.

And that's all that matters.


  1. I am doing PAD-Poem A Day for National Poetry Month. I will continue doing Spring cleaning, it will take weeks because I am doing deep cleaning. I have to do my taxes for 2015 and 2016 so I can break down those debts. I also plan to look at my finances esp my debt and 40lK. I plan to exercise ie walking as the days are warmer and longer. Lastly, stop being such a hermit and get out and about.

  2. Those are great goals, Shai!

  3. :), I've been trying to get through the whole Bible now for probably some seven years now. I read three chapters when ever then write down where I left off. I'm now at the beginning of 1Peter. Almost finished, but, I do do what I will call "randoms". That is when I will pick up the Bible and turn anywhere and read some of it. Sometimes what I choose turns out to be just what I need and sometimes I see no relevance to me but I kind of like randoms in that they remind me of who the boss really is. I think Bible reading is good so stick with it Ladylee.


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