Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

It is that time again... THOUGHTS time.

1. This ATL weather is trippy. Torrential rains yesterday. Perfect sunshine today. And it is suppose to rain tomorrow. This too much.

2. Somebody was shot and killed in the crosswalk a block from my job. When I got to work, I saw the police.  I wondered "What happen down there?" .And I think it was a hit job. That specific person was targeted. He shot her three times and then took off. You  never know where and when your time is up. I have been thinking about that whole scenario all day.

3. This is the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. I wonder what life would be like if he was still here with us?

4. Maya Angelou was born on this date in 1928. She would be 89 years old if she were still alive.

5. Since it is Poetry month, this is for Shai...

6.  So I am in charge this week, since my supervisor is out for spring break.

7. This should be ornamental. But when people come texting me about taking a day off and sending me stuff to sign.... O_o.   I want to say, hold up, can't ya'll wait 'til dude get back from vacation?

8. I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables the past couple of days and I feel pretty good. However, I am trying to make sure I eat whatever ratchetness I have laying around and ease into just fruits and veggies for the rest of the month. Hopefully this will work out.

9. My song right now..."Daddy's Little Girl"

*ladylee chair dancing HARD in seat*

*ladylee jumping up and doing the running man in her cubicle*

There is nothing in the world like a GOOD female rapper. WOW.

Had to go back 27 years for a good song.Sigh.

10.I only hear of "Gonzaga" during the NCAA basketball season. I have NO idea where it is, and I have never heard of it at any other time. Too bad they lost the championship. But I guess I will at least go find out where the college is.  That will be my "new thing I learned today."

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  1. Awww thanks. I heard Maya in an interview say that MLK's shooting on her birthday deeply affected her.

    Still I Rise is one of my favorite poems.


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