Thursday, April 27, 2017

Milk and Cookies Jr and Milk and Cookies 3.0

I went to the mailbox the other day and I was WONDERFULLY surprised!

I received pictures of my gorgeous little nephews, Milk and Cookies Jr. and Milk and Cookies 3.0.

'Shaun, aka, Milk and Cookies Jr!!  

Tristan,  aka Milk and Cookies 3.0!!

Such handsome boys, they are!

They are starting to look like their Pa, Milk and Cookies.

I'm not sure we can call him Milk and Cookies anymore, tho.

'Kari is Steak and Potatoes, now.

With a glass of Crown Royal.. straight, no ice.


The boys will continue to be Milk and Cookies Jr. and 3.0, though.

And I will always and forever think of them like this.

Time is going by so fast...

Thank goodness for pictures! :)

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  1. aw...yes they are some handsome boys! what a nice treat in the mail for you :) and um yes it's Steak and Potatoes now not Milk and


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