Monday, April 10, 2017

Good Monday Evening

'Tis the Evening time.

What a day it has been.

Folks have been all in an uproar in the ATL, as spring break is over, and the I-85 interstate collapse is at the forefront of everyone's mind. I live about a mile from the highway (on a quiet night, I can hear the cars), and this morning, traffic helicopters were hurrying to and fro over my neighborhood. It was quite annoying.

Here's the first real clear picture of the problem.

They have a June deadline to have that fixed.

Uh yeah... I'ma let y'all drive on that for a year before I drive down that way.

There have been some other suggestions.

Throw a hotwheels strip in there. 

 Yep. It would be finished up by tomorrow.

Or we can just take mattes into our own hand and jump that gap.
That's how they do it in the movies. Uh, I suggest we don't try that.

As for now, for the next couple of years, I won't be going that way.

Nope. I won't be taking that I-85 Greenville split. NOPE.

I don't roll down that far, and I my work schedule is not within the t rush hour window. So this morning I got to work in about 15 minutes, which is the usual for me. (Although I had to go back home once I got to work. I wasn't sure I let the garage door down. Sigh).

So that's the angst of the day. Sorta kind of a high class problem. But maybe not to some folks.

My new supervisor came back today. He asked me how my supervisory duties went, and I said ok. I thought he made me acting supervisor while he was on vacation because NOBODY was gonna be here except me. There were several people here, sending me stuff to sign and texting me.

NOPE. They can keep that.

I don't care to be in charge of people. It feels narcissistic to me.  I have enough trouble supervising my own.self.  I also like to be a hand up to people, and not an hindrance. And on top of that,  it is difficult supervising scientists. Our egos are way out there. They truly are.

CD of the Week. Lots of good CDs are coming out. I tend towards rap. I wish there was some good R&B or gospel, but I tend to swing towards oldies in those categories.

Friday, Joey Bada$$ came out with All-Amerikkan Bada$$

I liked this CD. Very thought-provoking, very black lives matterish.

Favorite songs? I had 2 which I've been listening to, and they are not the most popular ones. "Ring The Alarm" and "Y U Don't Love Me (Miss Amerikka)?"

"Ring the Alarm"  had some beat and key changes, which I ALWAYS like. Yay!

I like "Y U Don't Love Me". At first listen, I thought he was talking to a woman, but he is actually talking to this country as a whole.  I like that. I need more diversity in my rap like that. It made me think.

So that's it for my Monday Randoms. I can't wait to see what adventures this week brings. 

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