Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Night 7

7 Things! On a Saturday! So here we go.

1. This has been a decent enough day, even though I didn't get my day going well until after 1:00 pm. Shame on me for staying in bed all morning.

2. Once I did get up, I got dressed and decided to drive Pam.

She has been sitting in the back of the driveway under a tree. I haven't really driven her since January. She was covered in sticky pollen.

3. I rarely drive her, which is a shame. She was filthy as all get out, so I took her to the car wash. A good vacuum and wash and she looks halfway presentable.

4. Pam was in desperate need of windshield wipers. I bought her some at the local auto store. I gave the person who installed them a $5 tip.

He said, "You didn't have to do that."

"Yes I did," I replied. "I'm a girl, and I don't know how to change windshield wipers nor do I care to learn."

5. While in that particular pseudo-gentrified neighborhood, I joined a gym I'd been eyeing since October.


Geez. Ain't it just about to be MAY? Ugh.

6. So I left the car wash, I tried to go to the Curb Market. Not a big deal, as I could jump through the hippie district, i.e., Little Five Points, skirt through the gentrified Inman park area and be there in about 10 minutes flat.


There was a big Inman Park festival. I only remembered when I got tied up in the INSANE traffic in that neighborhood. I was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes.  I was just trying to get some 3 miles away. UGH.

I ain't never seen that many white folks out and about in my life. WOW.

7. I ended up going to the Whole Foods instead. Please remind me not to do any grocery shopping on a Saturday. NO.

8. So right now, I am watching The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu.

One word.


And I'm not even sure what the world is going on. I have to go look up some analysis or something.

Or I may just have to sit this one out. It's enough to give me nightmares.

That is it for Saturday 7.

This Saturday was a day rife with high class problems.

And that is fine by me... and I am thankful for that.

Because things could always be worse. 


  1. I couldn't get through the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale.

    1. Girl, wasn't it just creepy? I think I made it through the 2nd episode, but by that time, my mind had wandered off and I found other things to do. I don't think I will be going back and watching more of it.

      Good that I am not the only one that thought it wasn't all that great.


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