Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

1. Today has been a SLOW workday. I feel like I am sitting here watching the the numbers change  on the digital clock up on the wall of our cubicle area.

2. I was walking around earlier today with a full carton of Marlboro 100s. 

3. I was looking for a couple of people to ask about them, as I needed the whole carton for a set of  extraction experiments suggested by my boss.

4. It was AMAZING how many people were looking at me as I walked down the hall like I was CRAZY. "LadyLee, dang girl, I didn't know you smoke! You smoke them hard Marlboros????

It was either that or "Hey girl, let me hold a pack!!"


Ummm No.

Next time, I must remember to put those in a large brown paper bag if I decide dot walk around the building with them.

5. There's a guy in my writing workshop group who reads 12 hours a day. 12 HOURS A DAY!

6. I often think about that. I am so envious. How BRILLIANT and SMART would I be if I read only a FRACTION of that time per day? Ugh!!

7.  Today's sliced fruit:  apples, pineapple, green apples, 2 strawberries, 5 grapes.

8. I  forgot to buy a honeydew melon yesterday. I have one at home but it has been sitting on the counter for a month. I am afraid that if I split that open, little aliens may fly out and eat me.

9. I have passed this place many times over the past 16 years while driving home from work.

Why haven't I been there?

10. This song is 31 years old and it is still AWESOME! Salt and Pepa's  "Chick on the Side/Love Bandit".

It's the remix, tho...

31 years old! Wow.

Still got me *chair dancing*

*chair dancing XTRA hard*


Favorite lines:

You're at the window
Staring at the sky.
Birds fly by,
You start to wonder why
You're not at my side sharing the dream 
That one day you'll be my King
And I'll be your Queen. 

Simple. But GREAT. (At least my 16-year-old mind thought  so at the time when it came out. LOL)

Those are my thoughts...

On a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Dear Dr. Parker,

    I was an "also ran" in one of your contests a while back - you have my name and address;

    lol, send me a couple of packs of those Marlboros, you don't really need "all" those cigarettes for your experiments do you? :)

    Yes, I am teasing.

    1. Yes I needed them. Grinded them all to a fine powder! I just know not to walk around the building with a whole carton. I was just trying to figure out who they belonged to!

  2. "There's a guy in my writing workshop group who reads 12 hours a day. 12 HOURS A DAY!"

    Wow! Honestly if I can still and read a book for more than 15 minutes I am doing good. SMH. I veg out on Netflix and always intend to read and then I fall asleep.


      We are living in a bizarre time now, where we have the attention spans of fleas... and we don't even know it.


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