Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday Thoughts



1. This has been a long day, but not hectic. And that's good thing.

2. I trained someone new today, and it was a good experience. I am not sure why I was experience a small pebble of angst concerning it.

3. I was too lazy to prepare my lunch this morning. I was being highly rebellious and I did NOT want to chop up veggies for a salad. So I chopped my fruit up instead.

4. People have been passing my cubicle and admiring my fruit combo. *lee placing fruit bowl back into lunch bag*

5. We have this new IM function on our computers at work, and we can tell if you are active or inactive or offline, etc. This happens even if you're working from home. It all feels big brotherish.

6. With that said, I talked to my workplace mom on this IM. It is always a joy (And I had to show her how to use it).

7. This was a good thing because she was on her way out the door to make a visit to the Curb Market. And she dropped off for donation some clothes at Spelman. It was a pretty afternoon, a good time to run around (despite the traffic).

8. She had a Ivank.a Tru.mp shoe box. Humph.

I didn't even bother to look at the shoes. I am sure they were fly. And some young lady will appreciate them.

9. I am SO disappointed in my evenings, meaning, they are not as productive as they could be. My mornings are like that too. Yet I do get a good bit of stuff done. But I want the perfect mornings and evenings of my imagination. Hmm.

10. I was sitting here eagerly awaiting a stream of our WEDNESDAY night bible study stream. And I actually got mad, thinking that my Roku was jacked. Ugh.

It took me about half an hour to realize that today is not Wednesday. It is indeed TUESDAY.


And that's it for Ten Tuesday Thoughts. 

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