Saturday, April 08, 2017

Saturday 7

7 thoughts on a SATURDAY. So here we go.

(Gotta come up with something interesting so I can blog everyday).

1. Today didn't start off great. I was suppose to get up and go to my Writing Workshop waaay out on the deep eastside. But I overslept. And I have to get up early to get out of here if I am going to be on time... 40 miles away. Ugh.

2. So today was a LAZY day. I have a strange habit of catching up on sleep on Saturday. That needs to stop. I may need to just treat it like a regular work day.

3. The people across the street have been having some type of party for the past couple of days. I am sincerely hoping that somebody over there didn't die, and that is why so many people are around.

4. I wouldn't know about the folks across the street. They don't speak. As a matter of fact, the lady runs in the house whenever I come out, or I am leaving for work. I have NO idea what's up with that. It is SUPER weird.

5. My rule: I speak to you two times, and you don't return the greeting, i.e., look at me crazy, then I don't speak to you anymore. I hate to be that way, but OH WELL.

6. I took out the trash today and I cleaned the living room. Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow. That is what I get for being lazy. Humph.

7. So I have been watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. All day.
 And at times, it has been watching me sleep on the couch.

It is interesting. But all this TEENAGE ANGST. Ugh. It's too much. It is just too much. I am some 30 years removed from my teenage years. This is definitely for teenagers. Worth watching, though, even though I have fell asleep or wondering off from time to time.

Well... I made it through my Saturday 7 thought. Since I wandered around the house today, I didn't think I had any cool thoughts for the day, but apparently I did.

And that's a good thing.

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