Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Rain, Rain, RAIN

It is RAINING in my beloved ATL. And these aren't lovely spring showers. This is some CRAZINESS.

I know it some bad rain when a crack of thunder sends Callie and Mitch running for cover.

I decided to turn on the news.

"Oh my, look at all that red!" I said as I was getting dressed. "That means I'm going to be fighting with a lot of water!"

It was raining so hard that I came to work an hour late.

You know it's bad when the weatherman says, "If you live or work in the Atlanta or Midtown area, don't leave the house!"

And when the weatherman says that with a look of FRIGHT in his eyes, I think I need to just listen and pay attention.

It was SO dark this morning that it looked like sunset outside.

And all that WATER.


Nope. I would just have to go in an hour late.

I left and there was only a little sprinkling and drizzle. I didn't even have to let up my umbrella.

But I work in an area where there are no windows, and I can hear the thunder. And the rain is hitting the roof pretty hard.

I know the UberEats delivery people are making a killing right now.... all the while navigating all this rain!

Hate it for them. Love it for them.

I am leaving at my normal quitting time.

And I hope I don't have to float all the way home! 

And this rainy day needs a rainy day song...  by Oran Juice Jones

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