Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ten Tuesday Night Thoughts

1. I ran into TRAFFIC this morning. A fuel truck overturned on the I-285 outer loop this morning and they closed down both sides of the freeway. So I think that moved cars in my direction. Ugh.

2. If that ain't the case, then it's that daggone, I-85 collapse. Ugh.

3. Either which way it goes, it remains a high class problem for me. Period.

4. I don't get along with a good bit of people. ON PURPOSE.

5. I learned something interesting today about folks I don't gel well with. When your friends, the ones who hang with you, have to work to tolerate you?  Well, that says a lot. That says a TON. And it gives me more of a reason to side-step you.

6, I didn't bring lunch today. I just did not feel like fixing a salad.

7. I lived off of fruit all day. And some raw kale chips.  It is such a high class problem.

8. The past couple of days have been SUPER slow at work. More thinking than anything else going on. That is good... and bad.

9. Favorite song I've heard today.... some TRibe Called Quest for you.

*ladylee chair dancing in cubicle*

10.  I can't wait for the weekend. Nope, I don't have nothing planned. I would just rather not be at work right now. Maybe I need a small Easter vacation.,

That was a short and good Tuesday Food for Thought.


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  1. "I don't get along with a good bit of people. ON PURPOSE."

    I am like that and I feel bad sometimes like I am too anti-social or introverted. SMH.


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