Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tree and More...

I never put up a Christmas tree. I don't see the point, since it is just me. I was told I cold buy a small 2 foot tall tree, already decorated, and sit it up on top of the book shelf. I have been meaning to do so... just haven't got around to it.

However, I do love a good tree. I see nice ones every year.

This year, I saw a fantastic tree at Franks at the Old mill restaurant. I was in such awe that I had to snap a picture!

How wonderful is that!? That must've taken all day to decorate.

Lo and behold, the fireplace was nicely decorated... There was a roaring fire going.
I was so excited. I was down that way for a doctor's appointment, and I stopped by for some fish and chips. I was not expecting such a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

They were even playing Bing Crosby. I wanted to get everyone to hold hands, so we could sing along!


Franks serves the best food, in such a nice atmosphere. I love going there, even though it is a rarity.

After I got my fish and chips to-go plate, I went outside to harass the swans.
They had the look that said "Why you have us swimming all the way over here, and you're not throwing some bread our way!?"

Because... I'm being a jerk. That's why... little swans.

Now swim away! Swim away, I say!

Ha ha.

Oh... and the fish and chips..

Oh my. Talk about good! Squeeze that lemon over it all and you're talking about good eating! Good eating!

I want some more. Next doctor appointment out that way isn't until JUNE. I guess I will just wait. Makes it taste better.

I will eat my veggies until then, honey!

So that's my christmas tree... and my Christmas fireplace...

But that is NOT my Christmas meal... just a little something I order when on that side of town.

Christmas dinner this year will be...

Spring greens salad
Roasted brussel sprouts
Sauteed kale
yellow squash
sweet potato/pear casserole
sauteed green beans w/roasted pecans
Crimini mushrooms stuffed with cornbread dressing
sweet peas
black-eye peas
vanilla ice cream (made with almond milk)
pomegrante chip ice cream (made with coconut milk)
cranberry lemon and orange infused water

Oh yes. I think I might like that better than fish and chips. And my sister and I will have meals for the rest of the week. 

Hmm, hmm good. 


I'm missing the cranberry sauce, though... 

Doggonit... gotta go back to the store!

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