Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Night Fights... The Year End Edition

Alright ya'll...

1 more day until the year is OVER.  The year is 99.5 percent over. We still have a chance to get it ALL done. A chance to get ALL those resolutions we made back in January done.

Maybe it's like some of these phone plans with the roll over minutes: roll those resolutions right on over to 2014.

I don't do New Years resolutions.

I don't need resolutions.  This Oldgirl needs revelations.

I have a TON of food for thought post ideas, but I think I will save them for the new year. Likewise, I have spent the past couple of weeks in reflection mode, reflecting on various events that have affected my life over the last year. I think I will save those for when the year is complete. Tomorrow is not promised. And it is a good thing to even make it to the next year. I won't assume anything with one day left.

So I will save it all for the New Year.

Do I have any goals for the New Year? I suppose I do. I have friends that have all these big goals, and I feel like such a bystander listening to them, silently wishing that I had big goals for myself. I learned awhile ago that for a goal to be truly a goal, it must be written down.

And then there is this Quote of the Week, which I posted this summer, I believe.

Common people have goals. Exceptional people have strategies. 

I have felt quite... common this year. Yet, I was telling a friend, I get a LOT of things done.  I make a lot of short term goals.

How much more could I get done if I had... strategies?

Hmm. I ponder, and continue to wonder.

I tell you one thing, though. I have enjoyed posting every day. I haven't been posting much of anything too serious, but I have been posting nevertheless. That makes me very happy.

I wanted to give away a couple of gift cards during this time, but I decided against it. My 44th birthday is in February, so I will have a giveaway then.

For now, I will allow you all to sit and stare from Lurk City.

Song of the Week. You should know by now that I looooove some Kendrick Lamar. Oh yes I do. I don't listen to current music, but I listen to him. Many have given me some rappers to listen to, but sorry... they are all rapping about the same thing. No wonder Kendrick Lamar hollered he was the king of New York (which shook up the whole rap world for a minute). And his CD was so great that he had the right to scream it as far as I am concerned. But I'm not a rap afficiado. I prefer the old school rap.

But I like his CD. And I really like the message of this song (warning: explicit version).

A funeral for molly. Good deal. I'ma need ya'll to get off the stuff. Bad for your health.

I like the original sample used for that song MUCH more.. a song by some swedish or denmark band.

That makes me want to delve a little more into some foreign tunes next year. Yes it does.

That is all for today.

Go head on and get whatever needs to be done now while we have a few hours left in the year.

Because next year...

It's out with the old- old attitudes, old hurts and pains, old habits, all that old stuff that is keeping us from reaching our dreams...

And in with the new... ON PURPOSE.

(Really though).


  1. hmmmmmm.....not feeling the song.

    Happy New Year
    Peace & Happiness.

  2. Anonymous3:31:00 PM

    Wishing you a very happy New Year my friend!!!!
    Blessings from Cali...much love...Dee

  3. I"ve NEVER heard that song before lol


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