Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Clear Liquor (Sip)

I drank my liquor
My favorite sweet clear liquor
From a frosted jar chilled for hours in my freezer
My freezer that has been cooled low
Cooled low to its coldest setting

Because I like it like that
And when I gently removed my jar from the freezer,
I see the white smoke swirling softly
Swirling oh so softly from the jar
As I touch it first to my cheek
And then to yours.
As I touch it first to my lips
And then to yours.

I enjoy sharing my liquor
My favorite sweet clear liquor
With you
Because my liquor
That good good liquor
Was something of my own
It was, and has always been,
My secret addiction
And I shared it with no one.

Now I share it with you,
And now my secret addiction is you
And the smile on your face
As you sip with me
As you sip me
And as I sip you
While the white smoke swirls
A soft fog swirling between you and I
Between me and you
A love supreme
Warmed to its warmest setting
By the love we make.

From Women of Color Writing Workshop, 11/22/13. 7 minute writing prompt.

The writing prompt was a visual one. The Facilitator Dawn passed 4 interesting bottles around the room.

Here's a closeup.

The prompt involved creating a piece with one of the bottles or up to all four if we wanted.

I was immediately drawn to the frosted bottle. When I think of frosted glass, I think of the old frosted glasses my mother kept in the freezer back in the 70s. She said it kept whatever she drank really cold.

And I believed her because I could see the "smoke" come off of them when she sat them on the table, and when she poured whatever she was drinking (most likely Cold Duck), into them.

And I remembered thinking... That's really cold. 

The ladies were a bit taken aback by my piece, as it's not in my usual style or voice.

It lingers on the edge of erotic... just on the edge.  That is as far as it will go. You know how I whine about not liking erotica. Your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl has swang from chandalier to kitchen counter to chandalier. Can't say I care to read about it.

Serenity read this last week and she wanted to know what type of liquor the woman and her lover were drinking. I had my thoughts, but I wanted to know what she thought, since she's my resident wine and liquor expert.

She mentioned Reisling. I was thinking along the lines of Moonshine. Serenity didn't say anything. She knows her big blog sista is a bit bootleg and ghetto. I don't even know what Reisling is.

Moonshine sounds more along the lines of "secret" liquor, liquor you don't wanna share with folks.

And this woman chooses here to share it with the one she loves.


Thanks for reading!


  1. Yeah it is edgy. I was picturing where they were standing and how they were looking at each other. I imagined vodka as the possible liquor.

    You know as a poet I can appreciate this piece. I have been told I take folks to the edge with some of my pieces.

  2. I liked it. I imagined tequila ... Patron Silver ... cause a sip of that will have you on the edge of erotic. For real.


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