Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday 7

Here we go again with another Saturday 7!

1. It was dreary this morning, and rain was in the forecast. They even issued a flash flood watch for 1:00 pm today. This didn't matter, as it is a Saturday. I could just lay in my bed and sleep the day away, right? Wrong.

2. I couldn't sleep the day away because I had a haircut appointment at 2:00 pm.  So much for staying out of the rain.

3. My last haircut was in September... so I really needed to go, even though my hair only grew less than half an inch. It was sho nuff... kinky. It was either get it all cut off or slap a perm in it.

4. To make things worse, Aunt Flo is here. And you know how I am during that time. I am like the women of the bible: pitch a tent for me on the outskirts of the city and let me just sit there in solitude. That means I just want to be alone and sleep. But I couldn't do that when I needed this haircut.

5. I always have grand plans for weekend chores. They are grand indeed. But I didn't get much done today. I cleaned up the kitchen and I managed to wash clothes. I kept laying back down.

6. My writing workshop facilitator Dawn called talking about a workshop tomorrow. After my whining about how Aunt Flo is here and I want to lay down somewhere, I agreed to a workshop tomorrow. I went by the Whole Foods for some fruit for the ladies. She wanted me to pick up some strange biscotti cookies or crackers. I didn't see them. I guess I will be baking cookies tomorrow. Sigh.

7. Hair appointment went well. I look cute, and I feel free. And my barber Mr. Soho didn't give me that hard of a time. However, he doesn't like when I frown up while he's cutting. He kept saying "Stop it!".  My frowning is not my fault. That razor sounds like a dentist's drill. My dentist says "Stop it!" also. I wonder if they know each other. LOL

That's it for Saturday 7.  Nice easy day... and that's the way I like 'em.

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