Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simply Sunday

It is Sunday once again.

I wanted to get out and run a few errands but it has been storming all day. No way I'm getting out in that. Yesterday was yucky and overcast, but there were just a few sprinkles. I don't mind getting out in that. But I don't like driving in full blown rain.

So it was a day of napping and lounging around. I didn't get many chores done. I managed to clean the laundry room and do all my laundry. I fiddled around with the new gadgets I bought yesterday. Like I said, those wireless headphones must go back. Everything else looks okay. I still haven't hooked up the roku. My little flat screen TV is not HDTV. And I have a tube tv in the living room. I have to try and hook it up upstairs.

I am watching Snapped right now. This show reminds me that white folks have isshas just like everybody else, no matter how much they try to hide it. Some of these shows are repetitive. I wanna holler "Girl, didn't you see Snapped the other day? You doing the same thing that other chicken was doing. She didn't get away with it and neither will YOU!"

And that's life really.

I watched a pretty good movie today.  Pacific Rim.

Now, it was a bit cheesy. It was definitely on some Transfomers meets Godzilla type of craziness, but it was a good movie. Those were some of the scariest monsters I'd ever seen. I would've liked to have seen it in IMAX 3D.

Idris Elba was in the movie. THAT in itself made it something of interest.

I saw him and leaned in and I said "Well, well! What do we have here?!?"

Hershey bar dark fineness. That is all.

Good movie. I may purchase it for my kindle. Once the price comes down.

Church was good today. I want to write a post on it, but that would be way too long. Instead, I will post one of the more memorable quotes of the day, one from Joel Osteen...

"Negative words are like seeds. You dwell on them long enough, they will take root... and produce."

Sure will produce. Negative fruit . I don't want that, man.

You know how I feel about seeds, and roots and fruits and the like. I perked up when I heard that. I might have to go back and watch that again. It was about how your whole life could be messed up for years and years just because someone said that you weren't good enough, you weren't smart enough, you'd never do nothing with your life, etc. It was about rejecting all those negative labels.

Amen. Amen again. And again.

Good sermon. If someone would've tried to slap a negative label on me after hearing that sermon, I mighta had to open my Good Book of Cuss on them. Really.

I am hoping for a decent week. Better not be a ton of work to do. There are only a three or four people from my work group available on Monday and Tuesday. And only two of us on Thursday and Friday. All I want is QUIET. I have a ton of maintenance to do on equipment, so I want to get going on that. I am hearing we might get a half day off on Christmas Eve. I will believe it when I see it.

I am doing well with this daily posting, aren't I?

I'm sorry it's not all dramatic. Just my day to day ramblings.

Well maybe I'm not sorry about that.

I like things simple... and smurfy.

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  1. Good Book of Cuss, too funny. But I feel you though. I too believe that seeds of negativity have the ability to grow and grow if too much time is spent dwelling on them. Very wise words, indeed. Also I'm laughing at your comments concerning Snapped. I've never heard of the show, but you have good comedy skills.


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