Sunday, December 15, 2013

Simply Sunday

I forgot that I said was posting everday. Even on Sunday.   Sigh.

My laptop overheated so I am posting from my phone.  Shame on me for not pulling out my netbook.  But I have no idea where my cord is.

This was a pretty good day in that it was simple.   I like simple. I have all these grandiose ideas about how much I will get done on the weekends, but simple is fine.

I am sitting here watching Survivor.  I didn't even know this show was still on.  It is the final episode, so everyone looks gaunt and malnourished.  It is interesting. There is a brother in the final three. I am watching to see if he wins. I don't remember any black folk winning before.

I woke up around 5 this morning, so I spent some time listening to my church's finance conference from the past week.  A lot of interesting information. But I really need to listen to it again to get a full understanding. Concentration is not stellar at 5 a.m.

I am not really looking forward to the work week. I am wondering what kind of tomfoolery will go on this week. However things go, my goal is to work no more than 8 hours a day. I get frustrated otherwise. And my goal is to manage my time much better.  That is doable.

There are only 2 weeks left in the year.  Around this time I wax nostalgic about the year.  If I can find the time, I really want to do some food for thought posta on some of the important happenings in my life.  I need to go look back in my journals and at old posts to see what I can post on.

And I best be quick about it since there are only 2 weeks left in the year.

The brother didn't win. Sigh. Maybe next time.

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