Thursday, December 19, 2013

For the True Pumpkin Eaters...


I'm buying cans of it right now. Not for myself. But for the constipated Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone. I mix pumpkin with his food. It helps him much with his issues.

I can't say that I am a fan of pumpkin, though. I know during this season that pumpkin pie is popular. We never had it during this time while I was growing up.

We had sweet potato pie.

But I am always amazed at the various winter vegetables available during this time of year. Like these:

Not sure what these are. I think they are gourds. I am not sure what you do with them. For decoration or cooking. Not sure. I'm not big on decorating, and I like summer squash and zuchinni also.

But back to the pumpkin, which is in the same crop group as squash. I came across a batch of pumpkins while perusing the local Whole Foods store.

I was... perplexed, to say the least. What's up with the bumpy pumpkins?

I have a hard time wrapping my mind around buying a whole pumpkin, but one that is all bumpy. Not sure about that.

Of course these are heirloom, special varieties. I see the hierloom tomatoes all the time. They come in strange colors and are shaped funny.

I'm wondering who was the first farmer to see a bumpy pumpkin and ate some of it. I would've thought it was diseased or something.

I won't be having any. I'll let ya'll pumpkin eaters go and try it out, because it looks like something for the true pumpkin eaters.

Let me know how they are!



  1. Blessings...
    Well we all can't like everything. You should try pumpkin made the Caribbean way (from Trinidad) we have a special way of making it called pumpkin choker. Don't ask about the name, i just know that's what its called. lol. lol

    Won't it be cheaper to buy the whole pumpkin and cook it, storing left over in the fridge and freezer? that way you know its not mixed with any stuff that is meant to give it years of shelf life? Just saying.....


    1. I don't see myself chopping down a huge pumpkin. I can get his mashed organic pumpkin with no additives for 1 to 2 dollars a can or box, and it last a couple weeks. That will have to do for now. I have nooooo idea how to cook or handle fresh pumpkin...

      Pumpkin choker... uh, yes. I won't ask about the name, lol.


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