Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Seven

Only a few days before Christmas, and the streets and stores are crowded.

And I know this because I was out in it.

Normally I don't get with the hustle and bustle. But I've worked all week and had no choice.

So I crunk up ol' Pam, and I headed out.  I bought a plethora of items today. So I thought today's Saturday Seven would be a list of what I bought today.

1. A wireless speaker. I have been eyeing this speaker for the past year. I finally bought it. I haven't used it because it has to charge up. Sigh.

2. A pair of wireless headphones. I was REALLY excited about these. I have used them and I have to take them back. They hurt my ears, and they gave me a headache. I don't do well with rigid headphones at all. Those are going back. After the Christmas rush, of course.

3. An ice cream scooper. A REALLY nice and fancy one, not one of those cheap ones.

4. Two crochet needles. I didn't really need them. But it never hurts to buy them and put them up. I tend to lose these easily. Instead of looking for them, I open the utility drawer in the kitchen and retrieve a nice new one. (I find the lost ones while cleaning up. Usually they are between the couch cushions).

5. Toothbrush. My old one in the downstairs bathroom is getting soft. I am too lazy to go upstairs to use my newer one. Easier to buy another one!

6. Gift Cards. I bought two gift cards for my sister today. One is a from a juice bar, and the other is a gas card. Someone at work said I should give her a "real" gas card, i.e., a $200 or $300 gas card. *crickets*... Uh, no. That girl would do cartwheels up and down the street if I did that, lol. Wish I could, though. She is a great sister and deserves it.

Anyway, I want to buy one more card, from the Whole Foods or the Farmers Market.

7. A Roku 3. Yes I bought a Roku, which is a streaming device for the TV. I have netflix, and my sister has hulu, and between the two of us, we got it going on. I can even stream my spotify on my television. GLORY!

So that's it for Saturday 7.

I hope you had a great Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I love earbuds, headphones, so I might need to invest in a wireless pair of 'em. I hear so many people discussing Roku, yet I have no idea what it is. I need to Google it. Once I learned how to play Spotify on my living TV, it was on!


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