Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Twenty-One - Another Moment

More moments!

I have lots of moments, but two recent ones immediately come to mind, They put me in a happy place.

1. Meeting and holding my nephew for the first time. The occasion was his first birthday party. He stared up at me curiously and slowly reached out and grabbed my chin.

Not sure what that was about. I don't have the crazy Jay Leno chin.

I like to think that the boy was thinking, "That's an Oldgirl right there!" LOL

2. Riding shotgun in That Southern Black Gal's gangsta ride as she gave me a tour through the mad streets of Little Rock.

Man, that Oldgirl is alright with me. She took me to the hood, Lil' Mexico, the good side of town... all over the place. We listened to some of the current urban music, too. I had never heard this "Pretty Boy Swag" song (And I hope to never hear it again). I know who Drake is now, too.

But it all did something for my peace of mind. Been a long time since I've just rode shotgun and relaxed. (That was a CONSTANT when I was in my 20s. Gas was cheap back then too, lol).

Thanks a lot for that, Ma. You did an Oldgirl's heart good.

Those are my moments.

2 for the price of one! You can't beat that.

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  1. Anonymous11:20:00 AM

    I thought about you when someone got in my ride for the first timetalking about how dark it is on the inside and if I planned on doing a drive-by on someone. lol


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