Thursday, August 26, 2010

Writing Workshop

So I had yet another great time at my Women of Color Writer's workshop.

It was hosted by my workshop leader Dawn, at her house.

She hates to see me coming. Because I give her such a hard time. Not my fault. You catching me on a Friday, after working 5 days. I gotta pick on and irritate somebody.

And Dawn's that person.

By the way, my best friend LadyTee LOVES Dawn. Loves her to death. Anytime I talk to LadyTee, she be like "You seen Dawn? Where is Dawn? You talk to Dawn!?"


*lee smashes punch bowl to the ground*

I wanna yell "SHUT UP!" (And sometimes I do).

Dawn is a massage therapist, and LadyTee runs up on her on the regular. So everytime I see Dawn, I holler

"My best friend thinks you're Black Jesus, Dawn! You walk on water. You can do no wrong!"

*Dawn kicks the hard eyeroll*


Anyway, there was a special magazine on the table.

Another therapist, Quita, was there. And I harrassed them royally about this whole "lubricant" matter. They should be called "oils". When I think of lubricants, I think of....

Never mind.

Anyway, Dawn prepared some white bean chili with chicken.

Not sure why she likes to cook sometimes for the workshop. I catch dinner on the way over, or I pack my own dinner. That day, I'd packed a fruit and some salad. I ate my salad, along with some of the chili.

"What's up with all this chicken, Oldgirl?" I hollered, as I knocked all the chunks of chicken out of the way and scooped beans onto a plate.

It was fantastic. I talked of how I was gonna hook it up sans chicken... with some cannellini beans and tomatoes and fiery hot peppers!

There was also ghetto Kool-Aid.

I'm not sure what flavor that was. I choose to call it the "red" flavor. But Aunt Ray-Ray likes to break out her special Kool-Aid pitcher and mix it up for us. I think she put a quart of pineapple juice over in there. I usually stay away from Kool-Aid, as it tends to break me out, but I just had to have a glass.

We did a little writing. A whole lot of haiku. I'll be posting some of that this week.

Massage therapists are interesting people. There a couple in our group, and they are vegetarians, and have been helpful in that respect. Then they know other strange stuff. Like for instance, Quita talked of this wonderful Korean Sauna and Bathhouse on the Northside of town that she frequents. You get butt naked and go in different rooms and relax. Tons of people walking around, butt naked (men and women are separated).

You get body scrubs from little old Korean womens, too...


Not the Oldgirl. I found it interesting, though.

Where is Tazzee? Hey girl, you're adventurous. I think you should go check that out. 25 bucks and you can stay up to 24 hours. VERY popular.

*Tazzee giving Lee the hard side-eye*

I like learning new things. Who would've known such a place was available in my beloved ATL?

Anyway, our writing workshop was pretty good, as always the case. It was a bit tougher this time, because we were dealing with more descriptive media (scents, colors, etc.), and frankly, I can't come up with much worthwhile in ten minutes, lol.

But I enjoyed getting together with the ladies, talking and laughing about life.

Nothing like good fellowship over chili and kool-aid!

So Quita, Dawn, Ray Ray, and Erica... I enjoyed our writing workshop. I always enjoy your writing. We all bring so much creativity to the table!

Can't wait 'til next month when we get together and write again!


  1. 24 hours of butt-nekkidness for only $25? Sounds like a bargain.

  2. Anonymous10:26:00 AM

    "Ghetoo koolaid." lol. I don't buy Kool-aid for my home. However, everytime I go home my mom has some. I don't know why she still makes it because there's no kids in the house. I do indulge though and drink some. Probably more than I should.


  3. Lol @ this whole post...that chili looked delicious! Wow I can't believe she even admitted that about the naked be hella interesting to observe though..

  4. Anonymous10:58:00 AM

    The chili looks good! I've never had white been chili.

    For $25 for the whole day, I would go.

  5. I want some of that chili! Can you get the recipe for us?

    I'm more adventurous with active stuff, like indoor rock climbing, hot yoga.. you get my drift. But umm, no - can't do the walking around naked with rub downs by old Korean women, LOL.

  6. yeah that chili look bomb...can u see if she will give you the recipe

  7. That kook-aid picture gave me flashbacks! That's a really, pretty picture, we used to put ours in the TANG glass container.

  8. Thaddeus12:48:00 PM

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