Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day Twenty-Three - Something That Makes You Feel Better

There are many things that make me feel better.

One of them is walking in the house after a long day's work, taking my bra off, and laying across the bed, and listening to the whiiiiiirrrrr of the ceiling fan.


Ya'll know you take the bra off time you walk in the house. Don't trip.

Another is listening to old music. It always takes me back to a former time in place. I can listen to most songs and tell you where I was at and what I was doing at the height of the song's popularity. I especially like music that was out during a time when I was in love, or at a really happy place in my life, or in a place where I was pushing forward through a bad time, and came out a winner.

But I think what really makes me feel better is spending time with friends, especially after being a little down. And when I say friends, I mean people who know me, my idiosyncracies, etc.

I'm a little different than any homegirl you will have. You have to deal with me being nerdy, and being a loner. I look at people all day long. I prefer to spend most of my free time to myself. You may or may not know if I'm in a bad place or not. I have a tendency to try to work things out on my own. (This seems to be changing the older I get).

I'm an extremely hard nut to crack. I have a tendency to hide my feelings, my hurts, and my pains.

I have friends who know exactly how to have a little patience with me, not be judgmental, and talk to me and lift my spirits.

I love that. I need that in my life.

That's what truly makes me feel better.


  1. It makes you feel better because, that's what true love is chick! ...and love always make one feel better.
    I'm a nerd and a loner too. NavySeal is still trying to adjust to that.

  2. I take the shoes off. The bra stays on.

  3. Nerd and Loners --Unite! Thought I was "alone" in my "leave me alone" club... :) I too have changed over the years. I would not have met you "old gal" if I did not join an all female book club...that was a stretch for me...women chatting--but I needed that for that season in my life...and when it was over--well-it was over for me--that longing has yet to return --which is why you don't see me around anymore :).

    I too have to have to take off the harness and quite a few other things :) when I get in the door. It scares the kids and the hubby because--I'll stop drop and "dis-robe" at any random place. LOL!

  4. Ooohhh we have some similar character traits and boy do I love my friends who know how to just let me be.

    They call me out when I'm doing the most, but for the most part they just take a deep breath and let it go.

  5. shoot. i take the bra off in the car!


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