Friday, August 27, 2010

Freestyle Fridays


I've had a good week. A good couple of weeks, actually.

And that is all I want. Period.

Nothing much to say, just wanted to weave in some freestyle, and light reflection on my week.

We had a meeting on Wednesday, and my director actually used my "Dr." title when speaking about me. LOL!!! I never go to job-wide meetings, but I needed that time to sit in the back of the room and work on a story (yeah, my priorities are just... just right, they are just right).

Heard a lot of comments behind that. It seems uh, and this is just speculation, that she don't care to use my title.

Maybe it's because she don't have one. LOL! Haterade is never sweet. Thanks for the respect, bosslady! Nothing but love for YOU!

Quote of the week: As seen on Twitter, from blogger the Infamous La, who I just absolutely adore and stalk relentlessly:

I am tired of people trying to tell me who I am, when their only version of me is defined by who they thought I should be to suit them.

That's powerful right there. That's got some "BOOYAH" on it.

That really resonated with me. It is what it is. Truth to the tenth the degree.

We ALL can write a thesis on that. All of us. I won't do that. We'll just let that... marinate.

Song of the week: One of my favorites. This here is for the 40 and over crowd, and you young chickens don't know nothing about this. It reminds me of my high school prom. What a good time that was.

"The Heat of Heat" by Patti Austin

That's all for now... I am more than ready for the weekend.

Green-Eyed Bandit, holla at me Ma, let me know if there's a Financial Freedom Fighter Meeting tomorrow morning. You KNOW you gots to call me!

So everyone, enjoy your weekend... on purpose!


  1. You shole right! I know nothing about that song!

  2. LOVE the quote. Yeah, I remember that song.

  3. I liked this post. Yes that quote was the shit. I'm trying to think how I want to steal it. FB, blog about it...RT it.

    You have a great weekend too. And yeah in 1985 I was 2 years old. Cute.




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