Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Sixteen - Your First Kiss


Rolling right along on the blog meme.

Day 16- your first kiss.

Man, I would dream of my first kiss. It would be something wonderful and beautiful like on television and the movies.

And I had to make it happen.

My first kiss was when I was 14, during the summer of 1984.

That's a bit young. But I didn't think so at the time. I was going to the 11th grade that year. And in my young teenage mind, there were certain things I wanted to do before I graduated from high school.

And one of those things was to kiss.

And this boy was a good male friend. We were talking about this one day, and well, I told him I'd never kissed a dude, and if he wanted to. Just that simple. Of course, his hormonal tail said that he had kissed before, and we could do that.

It was summertime. I wanted it to be completely dark (There was no way I was doing this in broad daylight). My mother was at work. So we went upstairs to my bathroom, which had no windows, and did the deed.

And it was gross. I can still remember the feel of it all.

And I remember thinking... "This is what people are all excited about?"

And what was up with all that saliva? What the heck, man!??

Lasted a good 10 seconds. Once it was over, it was over. I think I enjoyed his arms around me, and the warmth of his body more than the kiss.

He asked if I was okay. I said yeah. I think we went back outside and picked back up where we had left off, talking about whatever.

I gave the same guy my virginity a few months later. I tell you, he was a real trooper, lol...

I can't say that I liked kissing until about 3 guys down the line. The third guy, well, he was the charm. I knew (or thought I knew) what I was doing by then, at the tender age of 17.

I'd give anything to remember the first kiss that meant something special. But I can't remember.

Hard sigh.

So that's my first kiss adventure!

One that I'll never forget.


  1. My first kiss was gross too. I didn't even like the guy I just wanted to FINALLY kiss someone. Too wet and he moved his head in fast circles. Made me dizzy.

  2. Anonymous12:52:00 PM

    I haven't read a post yet about a good kiss. Everyone thought it was gross.

  3. LOL, my first kiss was 2 years earlier than yours and gross. I just opened my mouth wide and he moved his tongue around inside - trying to find my tongue, LOL.


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