Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Again!

I need a quick break from the Blog Challenge.

Some of those topics... man, whoever came up with them need to be smacked around.

But I must say, they are making me think. As you all lurk. LOL. And there are some real doozies coming up soon.

The current temperature in my beloved Downtown ATL is 76 degrees.

Feels good. Is good.

But the temperature will climb to a sweltering 94 degrees.

HOT. And I am sick of HOT. I like it when it's in the high 70s, sunny, and balmy.

Got another month before we reach that.

Anyway, I took advantage of the weather completed a brisk 30 minute walk this morning. I haven't been walking lately, but I find that I need to keep the inflammation at bay. I'm probably going to do that every morning, as was my usual schedule.

And there's something wholly wonderful about catching a sunrise in the mornings that reminds me of what's really important.

My weekend. My weekend was good. I spent half a day in the bed on Saturday. Not sure what that was about.

Oh I know what it was about. Let's rewind back to Friday night. I had a writing workshop. I tried to write about that in this post, but it deserves a post on it's own. So stay tuned for that.

I didn't get in until near midnight. And you can tell that from my Friday night post which is totally unedited. (yeah, I was straight sleepy when I was writing that, lol. It read like I'd been drinking a lil' Boone's farm, man!).

I really needed to do some grocery shopping. Prices are going back up, and the organic fruits and veggies are getting sky high again. HUMPH. Summer was good, but by those prices, summer is QUICKLY coming to an end.

Sunday, I woke up and took my tail to church. Needed to hear some Word. We heard about the blood of Jesus, and will probably be hearing about it for the next 2 months. That means peering at every sangle verse about blood up and down, backwards, sideways... (Makes me wanna holler "Pastor, come on man, I think we got it! Let's move on!")

But I found out one interesting scientific fact: No one's been able to make a blood substitute that does all that blood can do. I wrote that down, and had a fine time researching that last night.

With all our intelligence, no one has been able to create blood. Hmm.

Interesting. Never knew or thought about it. Did a lot of reading. Appears to be true...

And they trying to clone humans. Work on making blood, man!

After church, I went over to my sister's house. She's been gone a couple of months, and I'm just now getting over there. She fried some fish and shrimp and fries. I told her no biggie, I would eat with her.

But I called her, bugging her on my way over, barreling down I-85, whining hard, scratching like a crackhead...

"Kentucky, you got some fruit? Some salad?"

After she mumbled something about having an orange, I dropped by the Krogers on the way over and got some fixings for salad.

The seafood was good.

But... Let's just say I was MUCH more interested in my wonderful salad of mixed baby greens, tomatoes, sliced apples, cucumbers, walnuts, and vidalia onion dressing...

...Than some dang fish and shrimps.


*Lee points fanger high in the sky*

I think I'm getting somewhere fast... Not sure where, but I'm getting there!!

I had a fine time with my baby sista. She actually came over Saturday to pick up mail. Oscar was delighted to see her. (He likes her MUCH more than he likes me).

But it was good to hang out at her spot. I know where she lives now. She's 45 minutes away, but I can still harrass her, lol.

LadyTee lives nearby, so I spent some time with her. I planned to spend 10 minutes there, but I ended up spending over an hour. Her daughter starts high school today, so LadyTee and I tried to calm her nerves by entertaining her with our high school stories. I started High school when I was 11, so I told her, if I can deal with the social aspects, so can she.

I came home and did a little writing and hung around on twitter for a bit. I went to bed around midnight.

A WONDERFUL weekend overall.

I would LOVE to take the day off, but that would be major trouble. MAJOR.

So off to the workplace I gooooooo....

I'll leave you with two songs on heavy rotation in the car this weekend by the Emotions.

Bet you've never heard these before! They're from the one gospel album the group made.

I'm posting a few of our haiku this week from our writing workshop.

And I'm posting a few quotes from my big blog sista, that Original Oldgirl LoveBabz this week. She's been saying a few things lately that have been lighting my head on fire! Babz be breaking ish down, man!!

With that... have a good week.

I'ma try to. My confession on Friday afternoons has been: Next week WILL be better.

And I'm looking forward to a better more purpose filled week...

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