Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Eighteen - My Favorite Birthday

I'm posting late, late late. I had a writing workshop tonight, and I got in really late.

But I press on. (As I lay here listening to Earth Wind and Fire, half asleep)

My favorite birthday...


Several come to mind. But I can't say that any were mindblowing and one stands out. They all mean something collectively. So I'll travel backwards in time, writing briefly about each.

All through my 30s - me and LadyTee take each other's birthdays off, and we run the streets, go do girly-stuff, like get our nails done, go shopping. Yeah, I say girly things, because anyone who knows me knows I'm a tomboy and girly stuff is... strange to me, lol.

I know the last 2 years, on my 39th and 40th birthdays, I've laid my head down to sleep outside of the USA. Yeah. That's what I call big balling, lol. My 39th birthday was my very first vacation as an adult, overtaking The Green Eyed Bandit's family cruise, and making it my own birthday cruise, lol. And then for my 40th birthday, I spent a few days in the Dominican Republic.

The idea now is to spend my birthdays from now on in another country. Although that's not going to pan out for my 41st birthday. Going on a 8 day cruise to Dominican Republic, Aruba, Caracao, and somewhere else in late February, 2 weeks after my birthday. Hijacking The Green Eyed bandit's family cruise again, and making it my own.

Before that, my most memorable birthday was my 30th birthday. I was in New Orleans doing a post-doc fellowship. Things were bad at home. My husband forgot my birthday, didn't acknowledge it, and was doing his own thing.

BUT I had 2 huge surprise parties at work. TWO. Wow! I hadn't had a birthday party since the age of 5. WOW. What a FINE time we had at work that day! Yeah, I had to go home, but I was all smiles.

Felt good that, even though I was lonely and felt unloved, people took thought of me. I felt good about myself that day.

Another great birthday was the age of 26. The same husband mentioned above was a boyfriend, and did most things right. He made that birthday a good one. Came down to my school in a suit, picked me up and took me to the Cheesecake factory and to a movie.

I don't recall the movie. But I do recall much much MUCH knocking of boots that night. That is all.


Before then, my most memorable birthday was at the age of 5. I was in the first grade. I wore a light blue sailor dress with a white color and red tie. My mother came up to the school and brought cake and music, and me and classmates in Mrs. Pittman's class danced and danced.

That was the age when I just remember being innocent. I wasn't all worried about stuff. Just enjoyed being a kid. I close my eyes and think of that time often.

I wish for that innocence again. I truly do.

So, those are birthdays that were not only memorable... but pivotal in some way.

And I am thankful for them all.

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